Sunday, January 8, 2017

Waco Training Day!

I love REFIT trainings so much. Even though I was certified not all that long ago, I spent the better part of my certification day in intense pain becuase I had poisoned myself with a Larabar that contained cashews. So I felt like I probably missed a few things, and I was eager to take more notes and pick up on things I didn't absorb before. It's also a great excuse for selfies with friends.
 I did take lots of notes again, and some things made more sense now than before beacuse I've gained a bit of experience since my training day. It was a good day of learning.
 This is the class of new instructors from training. You go, girls!!
 The Dallas/Fort Worth gals in attendance:
 The Fort Worth REFIT Rockstar girls:
 Seriously, I love all of these ladies big time!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Birthday in Waco Shenanigans

It just so happened that REFIT scheduled a training in Waco on my birthday weekend, and what better way for a girl to spend her birthday than with a whole ig family of gal pals?? Seemed perfect to me, so off to Waco I headed after I dropped Kate off at school. It turned out to be a big blessing that I left early, because I completely avoided a freak snow storm situation in Fort Worth later that afternoon. In fact, I never saw snow at all, although it was very, very cold in Waco that day.

So cold in fact, that my trip to Magnolia Market Silos was kind of perfect. I mean, yeah, I froze in the wind chill that was in the teens, but because it was so cold there were hardly any people at the silos and certainly none of them were outside. So I could explore and shop and do whatever I wanted without a bunch of random tourists in my way. It was exactly how I prefer life. I even bought myself a little birthday gift at the marketplace. So my best advice: go to the silos when the weather is horrible. You'll enjoy it a lot more!
I checked into my fabulous hotel suite and rested a bit, ate a yummy Bubba's burger, and then headed to the REFIT studio for the Experience class that evening. Several other instructor friends of mine were there as well. In fact, Christy from the Houston area was also celebrating her birthday that day so I made us matching birthday shirts for the class as a surprise for her. They were a big hit.
 Class was packed and I even danced a few songs right outside the door because it was so hot and steamy in the studio! Essie danced the entire 90 minute class dressed as a sloth, and I still can't figure out how she managed it.
 After class we headed over to Torchy's for a big birthday dinner, and Mica met us there. She was supposed to be at the class but because of the freak snow in Dallas, traffic was beyond a nightmare but she still came because she brought Christy and I Nothing Bundt cakes! What a great friend!!
 We had a great time, but didn't party too later because everyone was pretty exhausted.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy birthday to me!

We started off the new year having lunch at our usual place with Mandy and Dan - Campo Verde - and took our usual mirror selfie that has become a tradition for us there. I wish we could get together with them more often. Even though they're only an hour or so away, it seems like much farther and life keeps us all pretty busy.
We celebrated my birthday a day early at Yiayia's because I was going out of town for my actual birthday. Yiayia even baked me my own copycat Nothing Bundt cake! I got a new Vera purse and another Karen Scott necklace....and upgraded my iphone to a 7+ but not on purpose. I ended up dropping my phone and totally destroying the screen right before I went to pick Kate up from school. It was not good, but it turned out ok for me!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

One Final Christmas Celebration

Man, celebrating Christmas over and over and over is exhausting.

Pop bought Kate a trampoline this year, along with way too many other things, so part of Christmas celebrating was spent in the back yard assembling his gift. She didn't quite believe it was a trampoline when he showed her the box, but once they started putting it together she got pretty excited.

I stayed in the kitchen while they all did the hard work and cooked all morning. Heather went back and forth between playing games with the girls and Paula to helping the boys outside. I've gotten Christmas dinner prep down to a pretty good science now. This time I experimented with some sweet potatoes that ended up being WAY sweet (they were practically a dessert) but wow they were good.
 After lunch was clean up time, and apparently everyone play on their phone time.
 Finally it was time for gifts! The kids were about to die from impatience over opening their gifts.
 Gifts were followed by more trampoline time, and playing. The majority of the household was in bed well before midnight, so no big new year's shindig happened around here. It's just another night.
 The next morning it was time for everyone to pack up and head home. Jason and company hit the road, and we ended up meeting up with Dad and Paula at Cracker Barrel for breakfast before they left for East Texas again. It was a pretty good weekend!

Friday, December 30, 2016

More Christmases

This year it was easier for my brother and his family, along with Dad and Paula, to come to our house on New Year's Eve weekend to celebrate Christmas with them. That meant I got to prepare Christmas dinner twice, but that's all good because I pretty much rocked it out the first time.  This also gave us opportunity to go celebrate with Mom, Richard and Trey as well. We had dinner at Chili's and then came back to the house they're still moving in to for gifts and Rockband. The kids all had a blast and it was a good time. Richard, Nick and Jason even drove over to Burleson that night and picked up a sectional that Mom bought from someone online. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

Mom, Richard and Trey came from Christmas lunch along with Richard and Emma Lee. I cooked most everything since Mom and Richard are in the process of buying a house and moving. I used my Instant Pot for a couple of things and they turned out great. The whole meal actually turned out really well, if I do say so myself.
 After lunch we sat down to open more gifts. Since their house is a moving mess, Mom brought all of their gifts over to open as well so they could just load them up and take them to the new place when we were finished.

Christmas Morning

Santa came!
 She was pretty excited about the Hatchimal. It took about 30 minutes to hatch and she played with it all day after that. Santa did well by putting one on layaway the day they came out in the store.