Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Anchor at the Zoo

This year Nick's company held their annual picnic at the Fort Worth Zoo. Because they keep acquiring new companies, each year they have to choose larger venues to accommodate the people from all of them. We were pretty excited about the zoo, since it's one of our favorite places. Kate was exceptionally excited that Daddy was going with us, since he never gets to go to the zoo. She couldn't wait to give him the tour (because she pretty much knows the zoo by heart).
 As usual, Kate wanted a photo with every statue we passed, even though we have tons of photos with these things.
 Each of the kids were allowed to choose an animal mask to wear. Kate chose the giraffe.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

On Saturday afternoon and into the evening, I helped my friend Lola lead a photowalk in the Stockyards. We had a huge group for the Kelby photowalk this year - almost 60 photographers! Only one of those was a repeat from the walk last year, so we were excited to show everyone around the Stockyards. Many of the people who came were unfamiliar with a lot of the area we showed them, so that was a lot of fun. Here are a few of my photos from the day:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Lunch Date

Kate has been asking me to come eat lunch with her for a week or so now, and I have been unable to do so because of my new job. I finally managed to have a day off on Monday, so I headed to Whataburger to pick up a little burger for each of us and off to school I went.

I checked into the main office and received my temporary guest name badge to wear and then waited for Kate's class to round the corner to the cafeteria. Her jaw dropped when she saw me sitting there. I was happy I was able to surprise her!
We enjoyed our burgers while she pointed out all the names of the kids in her class to me, which I asked for so I could put faces with all these names I keep hearing stories about. She sat next to Logan that day, her little friend in class, and he's a dorky (in a cute kindergarten way) little sweet boy that she plays with a lot. Addison and Tatum are of course her best friends though.
Yesterday morning Kate informed me that she was ready for me to just take her into the drive through drop off line at school and let her out of the car instead of parking next to the school and walking her into the cafeteria like I have been doing since day one. We went from the first week of her wanting me to walk her all the way to class to just staying in the cafeteria until the teacher came to just saying bye once she got into the cafeteria and now I'm not even allowed to get out of the car!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Howie & Otis

  Last night I had a wedding shoot at Classic Oaks Ranch, in between Mansfield and Burleson. It is a beautiful venue and the best part? Camels! The owners have two camels who live at the ranch, Howie and Otis. It seems that every single bride and groom just have to have their photos taken with them, so after we finished what we needed to shoot after the ceremony, Jake and I hopped on a golf cart along with the bride and groom to go meet the guys.
 The secret to getting a photo with camels is to have a chunk of food in your hand. They will lean over and around you to get at the food...and anything else you are holding or wearing. Apparently camels are a bit like goats in that they will eat pretty much anything. One of them tried to grab my phone as I was trying to take a selfie, so the owner took my phone from me to get a bunch of photos.
 Otis (the lighter one) grabbed at my sunglasses on top of my head to see if they were edible. They were a lot of fun - and huge! Camels have really big heads. But they are really soft and furry.
 Finally Jake came over to join in and get some photos with them too. He had been shooting some photos of the couple at the pond, which I am sure turned out awesome.
 Then we grabbed a couple with the bride and groom as well before heading back up to the venue for the reception. It's not every wedding that you get to shoot with camels, for sure.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

First Eye Doc Visit

Because she had started school and had never been to the eye doctor to have her eyes checked, I decided to schedule an appointment for Kate just to make sure that she was able to see just fine. She had only mentioned once or twice that she was having trouble seeing something, so we were not sure if that was because of a vision issue or because she was just tired at the time. Let's face it,genetically speaking, she will end up with glasses at some point. Sorry, kiddo.

She was a little bit nervous but I had tried to reassure her that eye doctors do not use needles for things. I think she assumes that doctor means "I will get shots" of some kind and who is a fan of that? Not me. I purposely didn't tell her about the machine that blows air into your eyes. I figured she would never sit down for that if I did.

 She did great though! It helped that I was also having my eyes checked at the same time so she got to watch Momma do everything first before it was her turn. Since I survived the experience, she knew she could too. I was surprised that she agreed to do the second eye after the first one, really. She was not a fan of that puff of air, but she made it through without crying. I was proud of her bravery for that.

 In the pre-exam room, the tech had her cover one eye and read letters for her. Now I had just done this same thing, and on one of my smaller lines I had to read Kate informed me very loudly that I got a letter wrong. The tech thought this was cute. When it was her turn to read lines, she did really well until she got down to the tiniest little line on the card that she was holding at the time. The tech asked if she could read any of those letters, and Kate promptly removed the cover from her second eye and leaned really close to start reading. We both got a big laugh out of that!
Thankfully, Kate's eyes are perfect for now and my vision is still 20/20 with both eyes open. Individually they're each just slightly off, but since they correct each other nicely it's not an issue. So far I'm still getting my money's worth out of that PRK I had back in 2007.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy birthday Heather!

 I planned a full day for us yesterday to celebrate Heather's birthday. We started off our morning by heading to the Stockyards for the morning cattle drive and some shopping. We browsed in some of the shops in Stockyards Station for a little while before heading outside to walk around. Olivia rode a pony but Kate opted to watch from the sidelines. (Saved me $6.) We found our spot on the sidewalk for the cattle drive.
 When the cattle drive was over, we headed down to Risckey's for some BBQ. Nick and I shared a plate with pork ribs, brisket, and a 1/2 chicken along with cole slaw, baked beans and potato salad. Everyone else had a chopped beef sandwich but Kate, who had grilled cheese. Then we walked some more and browsed through a few more of the shops on the west end of the street. Will stopped by the winery and sampled some local wines.
 Just before we left, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of Olivia for Heather. Then we headed back to the house so the girls could play some more, the dads could nap, and the moms could work on a couple of craft projects we needed to do while Heather was here.

 Dinner time meant that we were heading downtown, or to Downtown City as Kate calls it, to enjoy the atmosphere in Sundance Square. Heather chose Razzoo's for dinner. We convinced Kate to try some of Nick's fried catfish and she really liked it! She ate a whole filet. I was quite proud of her. Often we are unable to convince her to try new things.
 After dinner we did a little bit of shopping and then some walking around. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I am so happy that fall is finally approaching. I love being downtown and when the weather is nice as well, I really don't want to leave. Kate always asks when we are moving to downtown city. I wish, kiddo!
We made our way over to The Cupcakery so we could all choose a cupcake to celebrate the birthday girl. I chose chocolate chocolate passion, Nick had a chocolate peanut butter, Kate chose red velvet, Olivia picked the birthday cake, Heather had wedding cake, and Will chose salted caramel. We found a table under the giant umbrellas and went to town on our cupcakes. We walked around the area for a little bit and then decided to meander down to the Water Gardens. After seeing all the fountains down there, we wandered back to the parking garage to head home for the night.

This whole weekend I have been really hoarse and hardly had a voice, and to be honest I woke up Saturday morning feeling really badly. I had every essential oil I could think of on so I could make it through the day, because I refused to spend my day sick while they were here. But this morning I slept in and am resting today, because really I don't feel fantastic. I hope by tomorrow I am doing better since I am working!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend Visitors!

Friday afternoon around 3:30 pm the Hooks finally arrived at our house. Kate had spent every other minute since she got home from school running to the front window and back to check on their arrival. We hung out at the house for a little while since Nick wouldn't be home from work just yet. Will took a little catnap in our recliner and the girls got busy playing in Kate's room right away.

We met Nick for dinner at Rosa's around 5:30. The weather has finally started cooling off, so we sat on the patio and enjoyed our food. After dinner, we convinced the daddies to take the girls back to the house so the mommies could go to Target and shop a little bit. Heather needed to pick up a couple of things and we just wanted a little alone time to hang out, just the two of us. Naturally we lost track of time and didn't realize we had been gone all that long.

Around bath time we started getting the texts from the dads so we had to head home. The girls were already in the tub together playing mermaids, so we quickly got them taken care of and allowed a little bit of a late bedtime since this was a special weekend.