Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving with Grandma Peggy

As per tradition, on Sunday before Thanksgiving we headed over to Nick's grandmother's house in Keller for Korte family Thanksgiving. Kate and I made it back into town in plenty of time to get over there for lunch, and this was our last chance to spend time with Joe before he flew back to Denver.
The crowd this year wasn't huge, but there was still a house full. It doesn't take much to fill Peggy's house, but somehow no matter how many people show up everyone manages to have a place to sit and eat their food. Some years I don't know how that is possible without us eating in shifts.

Nick wore the special Thanksgiving shirt I bought for him for his year: Did someone say pie? Peggy's cherry pie is his absolute favorite of any pie in the whole world, so it was perfect. He matched his pie eating record this year with 7 pieces. The boy loves pie.
I managed to take a little nap in the recliner after lunch while some of the family was outside playing frisbee with some paper plates they had stapled together because no one had an actual frisbee. It wasn't long before it was time for Nick and John to take Joe to the airport to head home. Kate and I headed home with a car full of cookies, pie, and some butter gooey cake this year. Peggy always spoils everyone with plenty of sweets.

East Texas Wedding

Kate and I hit the road Saturday morning to head east to Mount Pleasant to attend the wedding of my younger cousin, Rikki. I originally wasn't going to make the trip there for the ceremony since we were already planning on going to Mount Pleasant for Thanksgiving, but I felt guilty not going and then I found out that Jason was officiating, so then I really wanted to go. Nick couldn't get away since they're a little short-staffed in his department at the moment, so I let him stay behind. We were only going for one night - we had to be back in Keller by lunch time for Grandma Peggy's Thanksgiving feast!

The first thing we did when we arrived in Mount Pleasant was grab a burger at Mount Pleasant Burgers & Fries. They're pretty much amazing and I always try to get one when I'm in town. After eating, we headed out to Grandma's for a little while to visit with her before heading to the house to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding took place at a really nice country venue called The 80 Acres. It's fairly new to the area, or at least didn't exist when I lived there, so this was my first time to an event there. They've got an impressive venue space and the people were really nice.
Grandma with Logan, Kylie, and Kate
My uncle Brent
Nikki, the bride's older sister, and Jason
The bride and her adorable little girl, Charleigh
My crazy aunt Sheila and uncle Brent
 After the ceremony, which was really sweet and funny too because Jason did an awesome job, we headed inside out of the cold for some barbeque and pie. We didn't stay much longer after the food was served because there was an open bar and the crowd of friends were a rowdy bunch. So we opted to leave before the beer started doing the thinking.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Salute to Poultry

Kate was in her first school program tonight at High Country Elementary. She has been so excited for weeks to get to be on stage, and she was even chosen to have a speaking part! The program theme was A Salute to Poultry, and the kids each recited lines to a poem about the night before Thanksgiving (like the night before Christmas) followed by several songs about turkeys and even a chicken dance. Each kid could choose to dress as a turkey, Indian, or pilgrim. Kate chose an Indian, which worked out awesome because Yiayia had a pattern to make an Indian dress! They bought her some real moccasins too, and she was the cutest little Indian up there!
She had quite an entourage to see her performance too. Papa Joe is in town from Denver, so he was able to be there, along with Grandma, Yiayia, Nana, Bill, and Pop. Of course Mommy and Daddy were there too.
Kate's speaking lines were:
"The turkeys were chunky with smiley-beaked faces. They greeted the children with downy embraces."
It took her about 2 days to completely memorize her lines, and even know she can recite several of her classmates lines as well.
Kate with her two little best buddies, Addy and Tatum

Friday, November 13, 2015

Field Trip Day!

Kate boarded her first real school bus today and took a field trip with the entire kindergarten class to the Fort Worth Zoo. Since she's been to the zoo a million times, I think she was a little more excited about riding a real school bus than she was about seeing the animals...not that the zoo isn't exciting.

I volunteered as a chaperone and met the buses at the zoo around 9:30. We were all wearing our hot pink class shirts, and the other kids were wearing their teacher's colors as well. I thought the t-shirts were an excellent idea and made a huge difference in keeping up with the kids for sure.

Each parent was assigned 2-3 kids to watch over for the day, and since Kate only has 6 girls in her whole class of 19 kids, we decided to make it a girl day and all of us stayed together, so I had two other moms with me and we had 6 girls to watch over. They were all so good and we had a lot of fun.

The Cool Moms 
Class shot before we all split up!

Ms. Anderson with her girls!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Celebrating some more birthday!

After school on Friday I let Kate play on the playground for a little while before we left. Her best school friend Tatum was staying too, which means Tilly got to play. She's Tatum's little sister and about the cutest little thing ever. She's extremely affectionate, so many days as I'm walking up to the school to wait for Kate I get the pleasure of watching Tilly's eyes light up when she spots me coming, and she runs over to give me a huge hug. Tilly hugs are a highlight of my day, when she's giving them out.
When we got home from school, Kate had some birthday mail waiting for her from Olivia. She loves getting mail so she was really excited to open her box and play with her new toy. She and Olivia got to facetime on my phone and then it was time to head to dinner.
We headed to Yiayia's for supper. We were going to eat first and then do presents and cake, but Kate just couldn't stand waiting until after we ate (everyone knows how patient 6-year-olds can be). They surprised her with her very own record player! Yiayia has one at her house and Kate has been listening to records with her since she was very young. They have all kinds of Disney records and story books on record, so it seemed only fitting that Kate finally have her own. She even picked up some records for Kate's very own collection. They also got a tent for her bed, so now she has somewhere to hide out and read her books in privacy. She got a pretty new dress as well and a couple of movies.
We had dinner and afterwards we all enjoyed a big piece of Nana's yummy chocolate chip cookie cake, which is what Kate requested this year for her birthday.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Guess who's 6?!

Kate's birthday is going to turn into a month long affair this year, since we decided not to have a traditional birthday party and instead do a few activities here and there and get together with family at different times to celebrate.

She started off the morning of her birthday with two presents to open before school. I bought her several more pairs of pants because she needed them, and we also let her open a new mermaid Barbie because no one wants to just open pants for their birthday (at least not when you're 6). I also spent a ridiculous amount of money on a birthday card that sings because she would like it. Really a waste of $4.99 but whatever.
Off to school she went, and Daddy and I knew we would both see her at 10:55 for lunch. It was supposed to be a surprise for us to bring her lunch, but the little stinker checked her lunchbox before we left the house and informed me that I forgot to put her sandwich inside, so I had to admit that I was bringing her lunch. However I didn't mention Daddy, so at least I got to keep that part a surprise. We came bearing Whataburger and a birthday cupcake.
After school I gave her another present, this time a teacher Barbie with a little desk and student along with a real chalkboard. It's really cute, and I knew she needed it because she plays school all the time these days.
We then headed to dinner at Rosa's to meet up with another surprise date: Cassidy, Susan and Brynlee. Kate was super excited to see Cassidy since they don't get to hang out much these days, and we had a nice dinner until we finally had to call it a night because the girls were acting crazy and disturbing other diners.
Once we got home, I went ahead and let Kate open her last three presents. I picked up a couple of new movies to add to her collection. She's also been wanting pretty much every Little Live Pet that they sell so I picked up a couple of the mice along with a mouse house and the little trail that they can run around on. She hurried through her bath so she could have some playtime because it was bedtime, and we let her stay up just a little bit late since it was a special day.
Happy birthday Kate! I can't believe you are 6 years old.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween: Final Day of Carving

Well here we are, it's 4 pm and the pumpkins have all been carved and are arranged in the garage for easy set up. We have a game plan for setting them up out in the yard, and now all we do is wait for the time to start. It won't be long now and the mad dash to get all of the pumpkins in the yard, get candles inside, and light every one of them as the crowds start to arrive. It will be slow and steady at first, and then it will be crazy busy. But for now, we have quiet before the storm and Nick even went to take a nap.

Here's what we carved today:

As usual, my two difficult pumpkins were saved for today, although neither of them took as long as I originally thought they would. The kraken attacking a pirate ship took me 39 minutes and the locomotive took me on hour and 36 minutes.
 I also finished this last pumpkin since no one else wanted to carve it:
Nick did one pumpkin today with Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein:
Jenny came back today to carve her last two pumpkins. She is about to graduated from A&M law school, so she did two Aggie pumpkins:
 We have 56 pumpkins for the yard this year. It's painful - like it really, really hurts to be only FOUR little pumpkins away from 60 and not hit that number. BUT, I'm super proud of what we did accomplish. We were beyond efficient this year and it made a huge difference. Kate and I have been spending the night at Vickie's house since Wednesday when we started carving, that way she could still get to bed early for school but I could still stay up later and carve more pumpkins. It worked out quite nicely.