Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter preparations

Today is Good Friday, and Kate headed to Yiayia's this morning to color eggs and bake Greek Easter bread, as they do every Easter. This was Kate's first time to actually braid the bread herself, and she is quite proud of her work. I spent the day in Dallas and took Nick to lunch at Grub Burger near his office. I wish we had one in Fort Worth, because I could eat their Guacapotle Burger with sweet potato fries often. On second thought, maybe it's a good thing that they aren't local to us.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Toothpicks with First Graders

Finally, my last duty as room mom is fulfilled. I'm a little bit stressed by room mom duties, I'm not going to lie. Last year I helped at every party, but I wasn't the one coming up with ideas, which was nice. When you're the one coming up with ideas, everything is sounds extremely complicated or extremely juvenile and boring. Add the pressure of your child telling you that she doesn't want a boring party (do something cool, Mom) and it's enough to drive you crazy.

So I decided for the spring party to buy peeps, marshmallows, and toothpicks to let the kids build birdhouses for their peeps. I know, toothpicks and first graders - scary! But I laid down the law before I passed them out and everyone was very well behaved. As a bonus, they all seemed to love the project! Once we finished that, they got to decorate cookies before devouring them along with cupcakes, marshmallows, and pretzels. 
On Thursdays, Kate has been having playdates with one of her school besties, Alyssa. So Alyssa came home with us after the party, and the girls proceeded to decorate (and eat) the last 2 cookies left from the party. Then they jumped on the trampoline until they were worn out. It was a great day!
Kate keeps asking if I'm going to be a room mom next year too....we will just have to see about that.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Celebrating Cassidy

Yesterday after sweating and working hard at the REFIT® experience class, I cleaned up and took Kate to Cassidy's birthday party. She hadn't seen Cassidy in a couple of months, so we were long overdue for some Cassidy time. Although Kate had fun at the party, I knew she was just waiting for everyone else to leave so she could have some one on one time with her friend. We ended up going to dinner with them after the church was all cleaned up, and the girls didn't complain one bit. Brynlee was excited to have some Kate time as well, I think.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kenya Dig It?

A few months ago a couple of fellow REFIT® instructors felt led to host a fundraiser for Kenya Dig It, an organization that is raising funds to build a home for street kids in Kenya. I agreed, along with several other instructors, to help lead during the 90 minute experience class. We had a blast! 
 Several ladies from our regular class at North Point decided to come to the fundraiser that day instead, which was awesome!
We raised over $600 during the hour and a half class, which is awesome. It was exhausting and my left leg is really hurting, so I am going to go see an Airrosti doctor this week to figure out what I've done to injure it. But it was worth every second of pain!
 Our amazing REFIT® instructor team - I love these ladies!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Girl's Day: Make-over Time!

For her birthday this past November, Kate received a makeover certificate from Yiayia to Sweet 'n Sassy Salon in Southlake. We finally got around to scheduling her spa day during Spring Break. She was super excited to get her princess fairy makeover.
 They began with her nails and then moved on to some make-up for her.
 After make-up, it was time for hair, and let me tell you, it got real fancy pretty fast. I tried my best to watch what the stylist was doing because I know it's only a matter of time before Kate requests that I try this at home...but I'm not so sure I can duplicate this!
 After she was done, Kate felt super sassy and looked beautiful! She's already asking when she can go back again. It was a fun experience for her for sure.

Monday, March 13, 2017

12th anniversary weekend

We celebrated our 12th anniversary with a somewhat low key weekend this year.  It was my turn to plan something, but we really didn't want to spend a ton of money yet we still wanted a little get away for just the two of us that was within a couple of hours drive. Since there was a large Munzee event happening in Tyler the following weekend, I decided that we would head there so we could deploy some munzees ahead of the event and still spend some time just the two of us. Plus, Tyler isn't all that far away. Nick napped while I drove us.

On Friday night, after checking into our hotel, we went to dinner at Grub Burger and discovered a new favorite place to eat. They have sort of gourmet burgers, and they have the most amazing sweet potato waffle fries. They also serve all kinds of cool shakes and stuff, but we didn't have any of those. I had a Guacapotle Burger though, and it was amazing. I forget which burger Nick had but it he enjoyed it too.
 On Saturday, we got up and headed out to do some munzee stuff and goof around town. We were in the parking lot of a Mexican grocery store around 11 am, the Super Mercado de Pueblo, when Nick spotted a guy outside with a smoker and some chicken. He decided he could use a snack, and from the car it looked like you could just walk up and order a piece of chicken. So off he went, while I was waiting in the car. Several minutes go by and Nick has disappeared....turns out he had to go into the store to order. I wait, and wait, and wait....text him to make sure he's alive, and he tells me he's waiting in line.

Several minutes pass and out he comes with a huge bag full of food. He couldn't pass up a deal - $10 for a whole smoked chicken with beans, rice, flour tortillas and 3 hot sauces. That's not a snack....that's lunch. So apparently that's what we were having for lunch, only now we have to find somewhere to eat it. So we stopped by McDonalds and bought $1 drinks and headed over to a large park to have a picnic. I wasn't completely pleased, but it tuned out okay.
 We did some more munzee stuff after lunch and then it was time to clean up and figure out dinner. Since Nick chose lunch for us, I was in charge of dinner and we ended up going to have hibachi at Kawa's Hibachi Grill & Lounge. We waited for quite some time for a hibachi table to open up, and when they finally seated us we were seated at a table all alone. If you've never done hibachi, this is really weird because there's usually 6-8 of you around the table. Anyway, it was fine, there was a full table next to us of folks celebrating a birthday or something. Our chef came out and realized he knew the people at the next table, so he asked if we minded if he cooked for them and he'd go get someone else to cook for us. We didn't care, so off he went and sent out another chef.

Dinner was delicious, and we ate until we were stuffed. We were just about ready to head out when a lady came out with a piece of cheesecake for us - they felt bad that we had to wait for a new chef (it honestly wasn't that long) so they comped us a dessert: banana's foster cheesecake. It was pretty dang good, and even though we were both stuffed we managed to eat it.
 We went to church on Sunday morning, and then we headed north to go to Mount Pleasant to visit with Grandma and Papaw. Papaw had been in the hospital with some heart issues (congestive heart failure) and we thought it might be a good idea to visit since we were going to be close-ish. We stayed a little longer than we anticipated and didn't get home until later on that evening, but it turned out to be a good weekend and we were thankful for the time together.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Being Brave

Kate was invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates today at Main Event. To say she was excited is an extreme understatement. We weren't sure what all we would be doing. As it turns out, the birthday girl chose 2 events for them to participate in: laser tag and the ropes course. I knew Kate would not do laser tag - it's dark and unfamiliar and she just doesn't always go for that. Another little girl was also a bit scared to go in, so they were given some gaming cards to go play with while the rest of the party goers did laser tag. 

Once it was time for the ropes course after cake, Kate was all kinds of excited which really threw me off. I mean, it's a ropes course at the ceiling of the building - so way up there. I assumed she was be too scared and wouldn't even want to try it, but if I've learned anything about my little girl it's that she sometimes surprises you when you think she's going to behave one way by doing the opposite.  

She lined up and let the event staff put her harness on like a champ, still very excited about heading up the stairs to begin the course.
 Once they got to the top, one of the little girls in front of Kate began to cry and decided she wasn't going anywhere. Eventually they got her to walk back down the stairs.
Now it was Kate's turn to head across the first obstacle. She looked determined but I could also tell she was fighting some fear.
 Much to my surprise, she took off across the wobbly steps to the next platform. I was proud and terrified and shocked all at the same time...and as soon as she reached the other side, she turned around and I knew immediately from her face that she was done. The tears began to fall, and she was pretty pale. I was yelling how proud I was of her and that she was okay, but she wasn't having it. So I explained that she had no choice but to walk back across the same obstacle so she could come down, and that it was okay to do so.
 She stood there for a few seconds and calmed herself down, and then she headed back the way she came. Slowly, and deliberately, and finally she reached her starting point.
 Once she got down and back into Mommy's arms the tears came again and she was pretty upset. I repeatedly told her how brave she was and how proud I was that she had tried something really scary and accomplished it. She declared that she was NEVER doing that again, so I guess time will tell if she decides to give it another shot some day.