My PRK Blogs

The nifty gadget on my home page allows me to see how people reach my blog and where they are from.  Overwhelmingly, the most popular blogs I have written are the ones that chronicled my experience with PRK in 2007.  I decided to write blogs about my recovery because I wanted that sort of information going in to the surgery personally, and I was only able to find one blog at the time to reference.

Here are my entries, beginning with the surgery itself and going all the way through the recovery process, which is significantly different from Lasik surgery.

I can report that today, over eight years later, my vision is still great.  Not too long ago I had an impromptu check-up when I thought my tear duct was blocked and the doctor commented on how my vision had stayed pretty good since my surgery.  I still have issues with dry eyes when I wake up in the morning, so I keep rewetting drops in stock at all times.  The dryness issue only seems to be a problem when I first get out of bed though.

Day 1
Day 2, morning
Day 2, later that day
Day 3
Day 4, before check-up with the doctor
Day 4, after the check-up with the doctor
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 16

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