Friday, September 14, 2007

Hey, I can see! PRK Blog #5

Today is the first day I'd say that my vision has been pretty darn good! I mean, I've been able to see, but today it just feels better; especially when it comes to reading. Some of my near vision is clearer than it has been. Today is also one of the first days that I haven't had any burning or stinging. That might have something to do with cutting one of my pain pills in half this morning and taking it with my breakfast, I don't know. : ) But I must say I'm feeling pretty good today, and while my vision is not great yet it's not terrible today either.

I am a little nervous about having the contacts removed, but I guess that's to be expected. I just don't want it to hurt. I'm most worried about night time. When I sleep, my eyes get a little drier because they aren't getting the eyedrops that I've been doing every day. So I'm afraid when I wake up they'll be dry and my eyelids will stick to my eyeball and scratch it. I think in the morning when I wake up, assuming I remember, I'm going to put some drops in the corner of my eyes and open them slowly to prevent this from happening. I read in someone else's blog that they had this problem, and it just sounds like something I want to avoid.

I'll update later on...probably post-contact!

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