Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dry and uncomfortable day...PRK Blog #4

Today was really not a fun day. The dryness for worse and today it just seems that I couldnt' keep my eyes lubricated enough. In between drops they just got so dry and stingy. The best way to describe this feeling is to say that when I used to wear contacts, and I could keep them in for too long one day, then they would began it burn and I just couldn't keep them wet enough to be comfortable. This is pretty much how I felt all day long today. I'm so ready for these bandage contacts to come out, but then again I'm scared that when they do come out it's going to still hurt or be worse. I can't win.

I worked for most of the day today, although my light sensitivity was much worse today than it has been. I turned my half of the office lights off and closed all the blinds today...if you were walking down the hall past our office you might actually wonder if we were open or not. I didn't care too much. I've had to change the screen resolution on both my home and work computers to 800x600 so the letters are big enough for me to read. Occasionally I just sat back in my chair and closed my eyes for a bit.

I had another follow-up visit today and Dr. Driscoll said I was doing really well. He said that my corneas were at about 80% regrown and perhaps tomorrow we'd be ready to remove the contacts. That makes me both happy and nervous. I was in a bit of pain when I left his office because he stuck his big -old finger in both my eyes at one point and I really didn't appreciate that. I guess it's part of his job, but it cause me some discomfort. So I made it home and cooked some dinner so I could take a pain pill and 1/2 of my sleeping pill and I took a nap.

Right now I'm sitting at my computer wearing the super-sexy sunglasses they gave me because the monitor, even at a lower brightness, is a little too much for me today. My husband took a photo of me last night as I was watching Top Chef, sunglasses on, and a pillow on top of my head to block the glare from the overhead light. He thought it was funny. Hey, a girl has got to do what she can in order to watch Top Chef. Right now Tim Gunn's new show is on and I'll probably go do the same.

I love Tim Gunn.

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