Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Right eye, Heal thyself! PRK Blog 9

I'm pleased to say that the Big White Blob has dissipated and is now just a blur because my right eye has fallen behind in the race to cure itself. But because there's still some healing to do, this eye has become a source of pain at times.

Typically by 8/8:30 at night, my right eye begins its daily attempt to drive me crazy. This spot on my eye that is still healing - it seems to morph into something entirely different because every time I blink it feels like I'm dragging an eyelash or metal object across my eye. I also become pretty light sensitive around that time at night. (Remember the sunglasses and pillow on my head? Night-time.) Last night I finally gave up trying to finish the episode of LA Ink I was watching and went to bed around 9:30. I'm just ready for that spot to heal.

Other than that my overall vision is improving, though sometimes it seems to take a step back and other times it leaps forward and things get really clear. The doctors told me this would happen - it would fluctuate but continue to improve until the healing process was complete. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had stuck to the Lasik since I'd be through with the healing by now, but I keep reminding myself that in the long haul this is better. Isn't that the way it goes? The really great things take more's not always supposed to be easy.

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