Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baby Moses Law

We have a Baby Moses law in effect here - where a mother can drop off her unharmed infant under 60 days old at a safe haven with no questions asked and no trouble with the law. I think it's an awesome law, but few people take advantage of that option (just 6 this year in our entire state). To me this seems like the perfect way out of an unwanted situation for a scared mother who doesn't know what else to do.

Just this week a lady dropped off her newborn at a fire station, which is a designated safe haven. I was so happy that someone took advantage rather than cowardly throwing the newborn in a dumpster to die...but then it was all over the news that a mother "abandoned" her infant at the fire station. I'm sorry, but I do not think that placing your unwanted newborn into the arms of an emergency worker so that she can have a better life than you can give is not abandonement. Leaving the baby in a dumpster or on a park bench; that's abandonement. This baby was able to be immediately taken to a hospital so it could get the proper care and will eventually end up in a loving home with people who want her.

But to call it abandonement, all over the news...well no wonder more people don't take advantage of the Baby Moses Law. The last thing these mothers need is someone making them feel bad for doing something that is a lot more responsible than murder. Sure, it's sad that they don't want their child, but I would much rather see these infants placed in loving homes than buried after suffering in a trash can.

Where is the public praise for this girl's actions? Why not say thank you on the air to her for being brave enough to take advantage of the Law? Why not share her story in a positive light so that others who might be pregnant and too scared to ask someone for help can see that they have another option?


shelly b said...

I's a shame that she has to face judgement when she tried to do something better for her child's life.

Cindy said...

You have an excellent point. These are great laws (Florida has one as well) and it's wrong to refer to women who choose to use this option in the same way you would a woman who really did abandon her baby by leaving it somewhere to die. Choosing to take it to the fire department was the right thing to do and that should be acknowledged as just that, not treated with disdain

Princess Ang-hamin said...


TammyB said...

I believe Illinois has the same kind of thing. I agree - there probably are more women that would be open to doing this if the media would present the story in a more positive manner.

Anonymous said...

48 states have a Baby Safe Haven law, only Alaska and Nebraska don't. These states include 99.5% of the US population.

Here in New England we always have the media say that a woman "surrenders" of "relinquishes" her baby to a safe haven. It makes such a difference in the way the laws are perceived by all.
We greatly appreciate the comments, and your very positive Blog on the subject.
Keep up the great work.
Jean & Mike Morrisey
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