Monday, August 20, 2007

Who knew?

Who knew I could love a vacuum cleaner? Seems like an odd thing to have developed feelings for, but I do. I love my new Dyson. Today when I got home from work I vacuumed my whole house. I do mean the whole house - this thing has a bare floor setting that allowed me to vacuum the tile as well! Perfection. It worked so well. I did as I said I would and vacuumed my living room first with my old vacuum and then used the new one over it to see if there truly was a difference. There totally was. It was shocking, not only at the pet hair that was picked up still but at the literal dirt that was pulled from the carpet. My floors have not looked this nice in a long time. I fully intended to walk on the treadmill when I was finished, but by the time I had accomplished my cleaning mission I was sweating and exhausted - so I decided my almost 2 hour vacuuming adventure would be my exercise for the day. It really is hard work!

I work by the DFW airport, and often times as I'm driving home an airplane will pass over the road on the runway above. Usually I don't have my camera ready but this time I did.

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Laurie said...

I'm so glad you love your new toy!!! a good one really does make a difference.

and WOW what an awesome picture!! that is amazing. I've always had a fascination with airplanes!!