Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekends just aren't long enough.

Despite the fact that we really didn't have anything major planned for this weekend, it still managed to be kind of busy. Originally we were planning to go to another Dallas Diamonds football game to watch Nick's aunt play. Up until sometime early Saturday afternoon, that was still the plan. Nick knew this all day on Friday, yet for some reason he kept suggesting things we could go do this weekend. Pete Sampras was playing a tennis match in Frisco, Plano was having their annual hot air balloon festival, and then there was the football game we had already committed to.

I also had a mission, or rather, a job this weekend to do - it was up to me to take my car in for an oil change. Nick normally does this stuff but he had asked me to do it about 6 times and I had failed to remember to do so....which meant that Saturday it was do or die. I left the house around 11:45 am and took it in. I was pretty amazed that it only took about 10 minutes. Why hadn't I gone before? I don't know. After that I headed over to the car wash and re-introduced my car to water and soap. (It had been a while.) Then I headed to the mall.

I had some capri pants to return to Macy's. A few weeks ago I purchased 3 new pair of capri pants because most of the ones I owned were getting too big for me. ::yay:: The first time I wore one of those pair of pants the zipper broke! It didn't even break in a conventional way - the actual little piece that you pull the zipper with broke off the there was really no way to zip them effectively unless you weren't wearing them. I took them back and decided to browse the clearance racks. I love Macy's clearance racks. For some reason there is always at least 3 racks full of clearance stuff when I'm there, and most of the time I can find a really good deal. I don't buy anything at Macy's full price - it's a little expensive for my taste.

It was while I was browsing through the clothes racks that Nick called to tell me the football game had been cancelled because the other team couldn't make it in to town. I find that really odd and kind of random.

Back to Macy's....I managed to find 2 new tops and one camisole that I really liked and so I bought them. (I used a $20 coupon too - it's all good.) Then I headed out into the mall because I needed to find a new pair of sunglasses. I was tired of wearing the super-sexy pair my eye doctor gave me in my surgery kit. You can imagine how beautiful. The sunglasses I owned and wore pre-surgery just aren't dark enough to make that much of a difference. They were a little more stylish than functional. Since my surgery my eyes are a lot more light sensitive so I needed something better. I was making my way down to JCPenney but got side-tracked in Brookstone where I managed to pick up a Christmas gift (for over half off!!). Check one of the list.....

In JCPenney I browsed through the purses and was very tempted by the only one I thought was cute, which was of course $60, but talked myself out of it because I NEVER spend that amount of money on one single fashion-related item ever. I managed to find a pair of sunglasses and left the mall. Nick called sometime during my outing and reminded me he needed some new boxers, so I decided to stop by Target on my way over to Tom Thumb to get gas. (I had 10 cents off per gallon with my rewards card.) At Target I succumbed to the pressure of the sale purses and bought a new purse....which I'm still catching grief over but I don't care because I really like it.

It was after I got home and put on a little fashion show for Nick that I remembered I still had a wedding shower gift to purchase so after eating a quick bite, Nick and I headed back to the mall. Ew. I was already so tired. I should know better than to wear flip flops to the mall. Mental note - just put on the tennis shoes and stop trying to look so cute. Anyway, at some point during the day we decided that we would go see my Dad on Sunday, so I had called my brother to get them to meet us there, which meant that I also needed to buy my brother a birthday gift because his birthday was last week and this was a good opportunity to take him something. I'm not sure at what point my brother became difficult to shop for, but he is. We picked up a wedding gift very easily (thank you to the inventor of the wedding registry) but after hurrying through the mall on a frantic search for ?????? for my brother, we ended up at Wal-Mart where we bought him a new set of dominoes because they don't have any. Oh, but before we went to Wal-Mart we had to run in to Hallmark before they closed so I could get wrapping paper for the shower gift and a birthday card for my brother.....and an anniversary card for my Dad & Stepmom.

We didn't get home until 10 or 11...I don't know, I lost track. Needless to say, I was exhausted. All that walking and shopping and the weekend wasn't even over yet! Today after lunch we headed to my Dad's which was just a relaxing afternoon of football watching and playing with my baby niece.

Now it's time to go back to work so I can get some rest.

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