Friday, October 26, 2007

I'll be fine

We didn't win that contest the other day. The chick that called in, the one I said I hoped was stupid, well, she took my prize. Oh well. They start again on Monday, so I'll just have to figure out the next one.

So let me tell you a little story that might just make you laugh. I sure found it funny.

My co-worker was trying to back up the accounting program on her computer the other day. She kept hitting the back-up button and although the CD drive made some noise it just didn't seem like it ran long enough to fully back up. She was trying to figure out if it worked or not, so I said to her "Why don't you just look on the CD to see if anything is there?"

What I meant for her to do was open her Windows Explorer and check the CD while it was in the drive to see what was on it. What did she do? She popped open the CD drive and picked up the CD-R, flipped it over, and proceeded to look on the back to see if she could see anything.

Now I know that you can tell if a CD has something on it just by looking, but generally you reserve that for the random CD-R you come across in your desk drawer or something. You don't usually pop a CD out of your computer to do this - not when you can just use your computer to check the contents. I just want to say that I managed to keep a straight face as she walked over to me with the CD-R on her finger and asked me to take a look. I took it from her and put it in my CD drive so I could check it with Explorer.

Really, she's honestly been working with computers for years. I know it seems like maybe she hasn't, given her talent for doing stuff the really hard way. I get tickled by the fact that she won't hold down the arrow on a scroll bar, she clicks one line at a time. I try not to laugh every time she opens and closes programs - she won't run more than one program at a time - so if she's in the middle of something in Peachtree and she needs to refer back to a file in our shipping software, she closes Peachtree and opens the other, then closes it and reopens Peachtree. She doesn't use the Backspace key - she puts her cursor in front of the text she wants to delete and the pushes the Delete key, not just once and hold it down, but once per character she needs to delete. My Inbox is organized with subfolders and I delete the unimportant stuff I know I won't need again - hers has about 6000 messages it - she doesn't delete any of them. That is all fine and good, but she doesn't organize them either, so if she needs to refer back to a message for some information she has to scroll through everything.

I've never seen anything like it.


Laurie said...

your co-worker story did give me a little chuckle!!!

Jen Hoover said...

thanks for keeping me grinning from EAR to EAR! ;)
sorry bout the contest :(
keep trying!!!!