Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am hopelessly addicted to radio contests now. As if I wasn't before. This morning the Big Money What is that? jackpot climbed to over $33,000 and I know what the sound is!!! My dear husband figured it out last night and I'm about to throw up with nerves/excitement. 10 minuites from now is call-in time; Cruz just announced. That means he will play 2 songs with one short "KISS FM" self-promotion thing in between. So in order to get a line typically you have to start calling about 3 seconds before the second song ends and hope they don't clear the lines before they start picking up callers. They always take caller 20. I'm beside myself. I've gotten through before, but I was ineligible to win because of my concert ticket win. My 30 day black-out period ended on Monday though, so we're good to go now.

$33,000. What would I do with that? Well first of all, I'd have to split it with my co-worker because that's our agreement - we both play and whoever wins splits the prize. But still, $16,500 (minus taxes) is not a bad take for a radio contest.

Gosh, I just love the adenaline associated with these things!!

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