Friday, November 23, 2007

32 minutes until midnight PST

I'm sitting here at 1:28 AM CST waiting for 2 AM to hit because at that time it will be midnight PST and's Black Friday sales will go online and I can see if there is anything I need to purchase. It's a sickness really.

DH and I were both awake last night until about this time as well. I was online shopping. I love that so many retailers are now putting their Black Friday ads online. It allows me to take part in the good sales without getting dressed and fighting the crowds, which I absolutely refuse to do.

I worked retail for years. It is not a job that I wish on anyone, although it is necessary. I hated this time of year at work. I esepcially despised Black Friday. There's nothing worse than 35 people fighting over 5 TVs. Give me a break. I hated having to come up with a polite response when someone would get mad because whatever item we advertised for a Black Friday had sold out in 15 minutes at 6 am and they weren't out trying to buy it until after 9. It was awful and because I was a retail worked I REFUSED to show on Black Friday. I still will not go out. I don't care if some store is selling a 56" flat-screen TV for $100 and they are guaranteed to have 1000 in stock. I'm not buying it. I will not add to the chaos for those poor employees. So the fact that I can participate in almost all of the BF deals online makes me very happy.

Last night I purchased a new digital camera. I know you aren't supposed to buy stuff for yourself this time of year, but it was a step up from my current camera and a good I couldn't refuse. I also purchased several xmas gifts and a few items for the house that were needed and such a nice price I couldn't pass them up. Now I have 25 minutes to go before goes live and then I'm going to sleep.

My hand is looking worse from the IV. It's bruising a bit more than it was and turning an icky gray/green color now with a hint of red around the edges.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving today. I'm quite excited that it actually snowed today! Don't get excited - nothing ewven came close to sticking and the snow was mixed with either sleet or rain, but it was snow nonetheless. In Texas we'll take what we can get. Back to Turkey Day though, I filled my plate and stuffed myself silly, but I didn't go back for seconds and I think that's a pretty good accomplishment. I also skipped out on eating dinner tonight, although I did manage to eat a piece of chocolate pie earlier in the evening so I guess technically that was my dinner. Oh well, it's a holiday and it's allowed.

I put up my Christmas trees tonight. I have a 6' and a 3' in the living room as well is a cute little 2' on the dining room table. I brought down our stockings and all the outdoor decorations, but we left 5 rubbermaid totes full of xmas decorations in the attic this year. I just couldn't bring myself to go through the hassle of bringing all that stuff down, totally redecorating my house for one month, and then undoing it all and having to put all that mess back up in the attic. Maybe if I had a walk-in attic or some garage storage, it would be easier, but me climbing up there and having to pass things to and from DH through the little access hole is just difficult. It's not like we're going to have any parties or anything anyway. At least I put my trees up and since it decided to get cold (and even snow a little bit!!) today I am feeling more Christmasy.


Laurie said...

I hope you got something good!!!

TammyB said...

I just read the last few entries for your blog. Just wanted to say (((hugs))) and I'm sending good vibes for a good result on the pathology test.