Tuesday, November 20, 2007

90 Eyelets.

Doesn't it feel good to use up some old supplies?
I made a scrapbook for my mother and stepfather for Christmas. I've been working on it for 3 years now; not because it took me that long to make but because it encompasses pictures from Dec '03 to Dec 05. In a few more years they'll be due another one. My mom doesn't scrapbook; she loves the stuff I do and thinks it's all "so cute" but she has no interest in doing it herself.

She's impressed with stuff that I'm personally over when it comes to my own books...however to her it's the coolest ever. I love that about people who aren't participants in the hobby. They are impressed by whatever, and you don't have to have the latest or greatest to make them think you are super talented.

I finished the scrapbook mentioned above last night, and tonight I was flipping through and decided that this would be an opportune time to clean out my stash and put it in her book. I don't use eyelets much anymore. I prefer brads. I haven't used a button in ages, but I still have a stash. I also never use these little metal brad letters I think I picked up at Garden Ridge a few years back. So I pulled out these 3 things and went back through Mom's book, one page at a time. Anywhere I could put an eyelet, I did. I added words and phrases with the metal letters. I even managed to use a few buttons. Don't go thinking it's tacky - I totally can't force myself to do that. But I did do some things that I probably should have done in the first place had I not been hurrying through her pages to get to my own.
By the end of my clean out I managed to use 8 buttons, 46 brad letters, and 90 eyelets. Not bad.

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Laurie said...

WOW!!! that's awesome on so many levels!! awesome you made her the book.....awesome you used up your supply......and awesome that you made me realize that I can use up some not so *in* products and still make an AWESOME gift =oD