Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interviews and stuff

I have a job interview today. That's good news, I realize, and I'm grateful, but I'm still in mourning over my pretty cool easy-as-pie job. I guess it wasn't meant to last forever...but I sure would have liked to pretend that it would. The interview I have today is for a run-of-the-mill data entry type job doing invoicing for trucking companies and while that's a pretty ok job, it's just not exciting. Plus it's an 8-5 sort of thing.......which means going back to 6 am mornings (at least) and a commute. Ugh. I commute now but hey, no one cares what time I get here. I don't have to get on a single freeway to get here and I don't punch a clock...so it doesn't matter that I arrive at a specific time and I leave usually around 4-ish, 3 if we're terrible bored. Being confined to a set 8 hour day again just depresses me and I know it's inevitable but I can at least be sad about it for another week or so.

I have a couple of other prospects so we'll see how those work out. I feel pretty confident in my ability to find a new job, but it's my desire that I'm having a hard time with. I guess that comes with a little time...after all, the bills certainly don't stop pouring in because I'm depressed, LOL!


Jamie said...

How'd your interview go, Brandi? And were you impressed with the people?

Laurie said...

((hugs)) love your new look!! threw me off at first LOL I thought I stumbled across a new blog =o) will you still be able to work out with new hours? I'm not sure if you are going before or after work now.