Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 2 of 14

I am on day 2 of my 14 days in between jobs. Day 1 was fairly productive. I got out of the house for a bit to take Nick's grandmother to the doctor, and I did 5 new lay-outs and made 6 cards. Creative days are always fun. I even took time to sit and watch American Gladiators with my sweetie.

I used to watch it back during the show's first run on television. It was a decent form of family entertainment. As is the way things go, now that they've brought it back they had to make things "bigger and better", which means that they've added some flashy lighting, the contestants fall into water instead of onto mats, and the hosts are forced to fill air time with horribly cheesy commentary. Hulk Hogan is just annoying. I'm sorry, I don't care how you put it - he gets on one's nerves. I don't watch the Hogan family reality show a lot, but I've seen enough minutes of it to know that he doesn't actually talk like that all the time. He has a normal speaking voice. So then why does he feel the need to yell and sound all scratchy when doing this show? Does he not know this isn't a wrestling ring and that we're all tired of that? Layla Ali is just as bad...everything she says is horribly stupid. As for the contestants...I'm not quite sure why they feel the need to attempt to trash-talk the gladiators. I don't know why a producer/director person would tell them to do that on purpose, but it's the only thing I can think of unless these people truly are that dorky in real life. They all sound ridiculous.

It doesn't make sense to me that the contestants can perform their tasks while wearing outfits that for the most part cover their bodies, but these Gladiator chicks must have on half-naked silver look-at-my-fake-boobs outfits....well, except for Helga, and she's a little too manly to wear a bikini-type ensemble. The chicks, again except for Helga, all look basically the same...boobs-make up-hair....but the men, well they're quite a group. One of them looks like a real-life Ken doll with bigger muscles. Another looks like The Rock's crazed brother. Wolf looks like Kevin Nash's redneck older brother who's on work-release from prison to do this show. He's probably kicking back at a truck stop as I type this. One of the guys has hair that would give Milli Vanilli a run for their money. At least it's something Nick and I can watch together, even if we do have to mute it between events to not subject ourselves to the commentary.

So, back to my creative streak yesterday....I posted all of the stuff I did over at my gallery on Scrapbook.com. Stop by and take a look if you will! I will post one LO for you here...my favorite from the day:

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