Saturday, February 9, 2008

Grow old gracefully

I am at my best friend's place right now. Her bridal shower was today so I'm in town for that. It's been a long day but quite enjoyable. The shower was a brunch-time come and go sort of thing, so it was over by noon and we left around 1.

Heather and I have been BFF (so cute huh?) since we were freshmen in high school. I find it quite amazing that through all these years we've stayed together and remained as close as ever. She's not the only childhood friend I am still close to. Candy and I have known each other since we were in elementary school...probably second or third grade. She and Heather are also close; we've all been in this little circle of best girlfriends for years. I don't think Candy and I are as close and Heather and I, but we still tend to pick up where we left off whenever we're together and the internet has been a great tool for keeping in touch.

This afternoon when all the shower stuff was done and we were done with some other wedding details, Candy came over and we were just going to hang out and girl night. Heather ended up pulling out old photo albums and we looked through photos for a couple of hours. It's quite amazing and so much fun to see pictures of us from high school. While we look so very different, we also look the same right now. Time hasn't changed our faces (can't say the same for our bodies) all that much, although there definitely are some noticeable differences that are at times hard to comprehend.

I know, I'm not supposed to stay the same and time is supposed to do things to you. Maybe you "earn" these badges of honor, I don't know. I do know this though- I have some lines on my face that were not there in those high school photos. Where did they come from?? Why are they here?? You know, as far as I can tell I have avoided any grey hairs. My poor husband has quite a few and he's 3 years younger than me! I like to tease him about it, but when I really think about it I'd take grey hairs anyday over these lines I've got on my face now. Grey hair is easily fixed - I could just color it and be done. Lines?? Not so easy, especially considering that the odds of me allowing some doctor to stick needles in my face to inject some foreign substance are slim-to-none.

I think the worse part is knowing that it's not going to get any better with's only going to get worse.

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VexedAngel said...

Yeah, it happens. I went through a whole freakout over gray hair last year, but this year, I've actually been liking it--I'm getting just one or two strands in a couple of places that make a nice impact--like right along the edge of where I pull hair back away from face, etc. I can see I'm going to get streaks there, eventually. LOL

The lines...I have good intentions of wearing my sunblock every day and putting on my eyecream every night, but it never happens.

Nice that you got to catch up with your girlfriends. :-)