Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol blah blah

This week’s American Idol was sl blah I’m not even going to comment on everyone. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Nothing overly outstanding happened, and nothing overly horrible happened either. What are these people doing to me??

Paula was more interested in how beautiful everyone looked last night, which seemed stupid coming from someone who had a huge red flower pinned to her chest. Simon was in such a foul mood he even insulted Carly, which is totally unlike him. What the heck happend to Dolly Parton’s face?? I couldn’t decide last night if it was her top lip or her bottom lip that wasn’t moving properly, but something was amiss.

My favorite performances of the night were David Cook, Jason Castro, and Brooke White. I’m happy that Jason actually sang this week and didn’t act high. I was very angry that he got nailed for it though. I thought it was his best performance ever.

Archuletta annoyed me this week by picking the first song with "Jesus" in it so that he could get the religious vote. Dude, lay off. That’s what Kristy Lee was going to do, but since he picked it first she was left to sing the poor me song with no shoes on. "See America, I’m a country girl like you. Vote for me. I even bought my dress at Goodwill so that you could identify with me." Her eyes are getting smaller every week. [I'm not knocking Goodwill, BTW...I find great stuff there, however I would most likely not be wearing any of it if I was performing on live television in front of 30 million people.]

Poor Syesha, this week she couldn’t deicde whether to sing the Dolly or Whitney version of her song, so she tried to mesh the two together and it stunk big time. She could be going home, although i’m really really hoping it’s Kristy or Ramiele, who continues to be a pointless waste of TV time.

Oh, have you noticed how Carly’s husband is getting NO airtime?? They keep seating him in these dark shadows so that when he is on camera he doesn’t scare small children. Have you noticed? It’s quite amusing. That’s what he gets for being covered from head to toe in tats and piercings. Dude is freaky looking.


{S} said...

Geo and I talked about Carly's husband last night and the creative seats and camera angles when they "make it look like they are including him." It is freaky, she sleeps with it. Yeah.
So, did you hear about David Cook? (btw, he has managed to chip away the resistance I had towards him... like his hair better too) Apparently he had heart and blood pressure issues before his performance and refused treatment until after performing. Yahoo music said, he was overwhelmed with idol pressure and bad news about his brother who is fighting cancer. He managed to go out there suck it up do a good job and then head to the hospital for tests and meds. Wow!
I have to say that I feel like I am watching a charity telethon when David A. and Kristy Lee sing...UGH.

fuzzywhitedogs said...

I think it's Dolly's upper lip that's causing the odd look. I wonder if they nicked a nerve or something during one of her plastic surgeries. I'm afraid she's getting a bit carried away with it - similar to Michael Jackson. :-/ I hate to see that happening because I've always liked her.

I'm still trying to figure out why Carly is still on the show. IMHO she doesn't have any business being there in the first place. Did you hear about this:

"This year, it appears we have a new scandal brewing that has the potential to actually damage what little credibility the show may have left. Idol fans are wondering why Carly Hennessy Smithson's background has been conveniently ignored by the show when in fact, she signed a multi-million dollar record deal with MCA in June 1999 - a deal that resulted in a CD that was such a total failure she became a case study for what's wrong with the music industry today.

As if this weren't newsworthy enough, this is the very same label for which Randy Jackson served as senior VP A&R/Staff Producer for four years. According to, Randy accepted the job in the summer of 1998. Do the math."

Talk about nepotism!