Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hump Day

Work is going better. I decided to be overly nice to the chick with the bad attitude and ignore than one that doesn't like me so things have been fine. It still annoys me if I think about it too long, so I just don't think about it.

I'm still having the other health issues but so far nothing has been confirmed or began. So I wait. I spoke with a nurse at my doc's office yesterday and we're giving things until August 1. If nothing by then, either way, then they'll call in a prescription for me to set things back on track. That should be great fun.

since last Sunday night when a few couples came over after church for a little Guitar Hero action, I've had the bug again and been playing almost every night. Last night Nick and I played together, and he's been practicing playing on hard instead of medium. I think the biggest issue for him is that it just moves a lot faster, not the extra button thrown in. He'll get it eventually. I have not purchased the Aerosmith addition yet and it's starting to call my name. I've been careful to avoid any place that sells it so far so that I'm not tempted, but I have a feeling it won't be long. I'm not one for patience. It's one of my endearing qualities.

i am excited about the premier of the new season of Project Runway tonight, although I'm annoyed that they moved it up 1 hour to 8 central. That means that I'll actually have to wait until the 10 pm replay to see it because we don't get home from church until 8:30-8:45. Why can't they just leave the schedule alone???

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{S} said...

I've been counting the days until Project Runway! I love that show! Elly actually says, "Deesigneeeers, Make it Work!"

You're in my prayers! (((hugs))))