Thursday, September 18, 2008

San Francisco in pictures

So far on our trip I have taken 803 photos. I'm not even kidding. We still have more to come. LOL. So I thought this morning I would give you a sampling of some of the ones I love already. I've tried not to include any of the standard-issue tourist shots, although a couple might have creeped in. We're heading off to Joanie's Diner again this morning for breakfast before hopping the trolley and hopefully ending up eventually at Alamo Square.


Steven said...

My favorite has to be the huge bridge tower (although those awesome deserts took a close second). They all look great. Looks like you guys are having fun.
-Steve P.

Sherri said...

great photos! I especially like the one of the sailboat in between the golden gate bridge

Stamps meet INK! said...

what kind of camera did you use for these? [i'm STILL looking for a new camera]

Beautiful pics!