Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm all festive and stuff.

Lately I've been fighting the upcoming Christmas holidays. Not in the sense that I am not looking forward to Christmas, I am...but I've been lazy about decorating. I've always been one of those put-up-the-tree-as-soon-as-Thanksgiving-is-over people. This year I wasn't feeling it. Sure, my Christmas shopping was pretty much finished before Thanksgiving even arrived. I wrapped the presents even, and they were nicely stacked in the bench in the corner of my living room. I just wasn't feeling the tree.

I have 7 or 8 LARGE rubbermaid storage containers filled with various snowmen-themed decorations. We're talking the 30-50 gallon size containers. It's a lot of stuff. I also have a 7 foot Christmas tree in a large, awkward box. It all resides in my attic for 330 or so days of the year. I have to climb up into the attic, crawl around in there while I maneuver all 7 of these bins to Nick through the tiny little attic staircase hole. It's not even a little bit easy. I didn't want to do it. I was being lazy...and a little bit grinchy.

I actually asked Nick if it would be ok if we didn't have a tree this year. No one comes over to see it, we don't have children...really, what is the point? I offered to wrap the bench in tinsel or something so the gifts had a festive place to sit. He was less than pleased.

Last night I took Nick to Home Depot and we picked out a real tree for this year. The big, bulky but perfectly symmetrical fake tree is still sitting in the attic. This is the first real tree I have had since I was a little kid. Nick's family always had a real tree. I am not sure how I feel about it. It was super stressful to decorate because not all the branches will support the weight of my ornaments. I had to leave approximately 30 ornaments in the box because there just weren't enough strong limbs left to hang them on. I don't know how you're supposed to hang an ornament and keep the whole branch from drooping?? It was annoying. I also had to put lights on it, which is my least favorite part of decorating the tree. I like my pre-lit tree. I just plug it in. Last night I wrapped 6 strands of blue lights into our tree. It was cumbersome and made a huge mess. The blue lights look awesome though.

Tonight I started putting lights out in the yard. I did some of the bushes until I got too cold to continue. Nick will have to climb on the roof - I am not allowed. I need to get the yard fully decorated before my neighbor who thinks we're in some sort of competition with each other starts coming over to harrass me.

I'm trying to get over my Grinchy-ness, so please excuse me if I'm feeling less than festive. See, I'm trying!!

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Laurie said...

growing up we always had an artificial tree. Brian and I started going to cut our own tree down. We had a real tree until last year....I couldn't believe how much stronger the artifical brances are!! I miss our tradition of cutting the tree and the nice smell that fills the room but I don't think I'll ever give up my prelit tree!! I hope you find some Chrismtas mojo :)