Monday, December 22, 2008

Six Christmases

We've had some freakishly cold weather for Fort Worth, Texas. I'm not entirely sure it has hit 30 degrees all day today. It's overcast...cloudy even. It's been like this several days; not all at once mind you, but a few here and there. What I can't figure out is why on earth, with all these below freezing temperatures, have we not received one lick of snow?? Not even any sleet or freezing rain has fallen. Nope; we finally have sustained temperatures that would allow for snow to stay on the ground for at least a day and we get nothing. It's so unfair. The only reason it needs to be this cold is to allow for snow. At least I get to wear my gloves and scarves. They don't see a whole lot of use in Texas.
Christmas has already begun for us. Last week we picked up my best friend Heather and her husband from the airport and had Christmas dinner with them at the Rainforest Cafe and opened gifts. The weather was pretty bad that night and people were worried that it was going to get icy, so we pretty much had the whole restaurant to ourselves and that was perfectly awesome. They headed on to East Texas afterwards so they could spend Christmas with family.

We headed to my Dad's on Saturday and met my brother, sis-in-law and adorable niece there for gifts and playing around. Another rematch of frisbee ensued while we waited on the burgers to grill. Kylie attempted to walk her new tricycle around because she doesn't quite get the concept of pedals yet, and I tried not to eat the entire batch of peanut butter with Hershey's kisses cookies that my stepmom made. I got all new towels for our bathroom, which is exactly what I asked for and I'm quite pleased.

Sunday we had Christmas dinner with Nick's grandparents and extended family from his Dad's side. They always do Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner the Sunday before the major holiday so that people have no real excuse for not showing up. She always sends us home with a huge box of home made cookies and occasionally a pie as well.

We still have three more Christmases to go!

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Merry Christmas Brandi!