Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can I have a do-over?

This has not been the best week and it's only Wednesday.

It started on Sunday night when I went to put the jeans that were in the washing machine into the dryer...and the dryer didn't respond. I turned the knob, pushed the button again. Nothing. Not even an attempt to fire up. It was only after I had called Nick to come into the room to see if his mere presence would help that he told me on Thursday night the dryer ran all night long because the timer mechanism never advanced. It was still going when he got up so he turned it off...but didn't check to see if it would come back on. I get to go appliance shopping now. I guess I should be excited. The dryer we had used to be my parents, and I'm pretty sure they bought it when I was in junior high. It lived a long and fruitful life.

This morning Nick and I were riding to work together, as we do on occasion, and our morning commute was interupted by a minor fender bender. rear-ended in heavy traffic. Sweet. No major damage and no injuries...but I'm annoyed and poor Anna Versa now has some really ugly scratches on her now-slightly-off bumper. At least he had insurance.


Laurie said...

I sure hope your week starts getting better! have fun dryer shopping :(

{S} said...

oh, I'm sorry! I hope your week gets better.

Sherri said...

ouch for the car and you for the dryer!! hope your week improves!