Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm allowed to be annoyed, right?

Today the big bossman's wife gave birth to a baby girl. She's their third girl, their fourth child over-all (all under 4, BTW!!). She gave birth at 1:35 pm. Imagine my surprise at 3:30-ish when I was copied in on an email he sent to one of my supervisors about nothing really all that important. It was one of those "make sure everyone is prepared for the new orders" kind of messages, so it's not like it was urgent. The state of our company's business was not going to be affected without this email. The thing that really, really annoyed me about it all was that he was sending emails while his new baby girl was barely 2 hours old. Come on dude...seriously?? How many times in his life will he get to experience this? Apparently being the fourth child, she's destined for a life of after-thoughts. Been there, done that. I picked up my phone and called Nick to inform him that if he thinks on the day that any of our children are born, be it the first or the 12th, he is not, under any circumstances, to turn on his laptop for work-related issues. I hope he's paying attention.

My second annoyance also sprung forth from this blessed occurance today. A company-wide message was sent out with news of the birth and the standard new baby information. Rather than just send a reply to the father of the child, a couple of people hit "Reply All" and posted their congratulations, etc. This annoys me. I don't want to have to weed through my inbox because someone is too lazy or lacks the intelligence to send a reply to only the pertinent people. Do you hit "reply all"?? If you do, can you please stop? It's unnecessary. Not everyone needs to or wants to read what you have to say, especially when it's not work related.

I remember the last time this happened that got on my nerves. One of the executive assistants sent out a mass email asking everyone which coffee they preferred for the breakroom so they could decide whether to keep paying for the Starbucks machine or not. Instead of replying just to her, several people felt the need to let the whole company know which coffee they preferred. Yeah, it's the same chicks who did it today. Simple email etiquette is not too much to ask for.

In case you were wondering, I dislike forwards too.


Cindy said...

I totally agree! Your boss should not having been sending out emails today!

Sherri said...

Good for you on informing Nick of your preference! He can't say you didn't warn him. I so agree on the reply all when they are saying thanks or whatever that doesn't make a hill of beans! Natalia and the other girls came up with the tractor title (& the elbow deep title) for me.

{S} said...

Well, after having 4 children myself, and being married to a business owner you sort of come accustomed to things like that. There are times shortly after the birth that mama is sleeping or being moved to her permanent room and baby is away having tests, etc...Daddy is useless at those times. I'd rather my husband take care of calls and emails at that time, rather than just sit and stare at walls while listening to the lady next door scream through her contractions.
Agree about forwards though, I delete them immediately.