Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yes, God is good

My friend Amber recently posted a blog about the goodness of God, and I will concur that indeed He is good. I know I've been quiet lately, and I feel bad for not posting more but when there are things going on in life that you aren't ready to talk about yet it's hard to blog and not talk about them. So I apologize...and you will know what you need to know soon enough. Until then, just focus on the goodness of God. (See Amber, you are not the only one with secrets....)

I finally managed to sign up for the Susan G. Koman 5k walk...about 16 days before the event. I guess I didn't leave myself a lot of time to raise money, but I'm still hoping to reach $250 before April 11. If you want to help out, please visit my race page and donate. It's an excellent cause and your donations are greatly appreciated. Our team goal is $2000, and we're not really all that close please help us out!

My new co-worker started this past Monday. I am relieved to have another body in the office, but he's a blank canvas, which is kind of good and kind of bad. I can train him to do things the way I think they should be done, but I have to completely train him because he's very new to our system. It's a catch 22. I hope he's a quick study.


VexedAngel said...

:-) I hope your secrets are good secrets. Sure seems like some of us should have some good ones.

{S} said...

I'm curious... God is so good and if we all just hold onto faith long enough we can see his work take shape before our own eyes.
((((hugs))))) You've been in my prayers.

Amber said...

Oh good, you're getting a boob job too?!?! We can recover together!

Laurie said...

you're killin me :) I hope all is well ((hugs))