Friday, April 17, 2009

Free day

This morning I had a doctor's appointment. It wasn't really a prenatal care was just my yearly "well woman" visit. That's what they call it at my particular office. I think it's kind of a cheesy way was saying your uncomfortable-but-necessary-and-completely-icky yearly visit. But I guess "well woman" sounds better. Since I'm 10 weeks today Dr Safely thought he'd go ahead and pull out the doppler to see if we could find the heartbeat. He said with his particular doppler sometimes it's elusive at 10 weeks...pretty much we had a 50/50 shot of hearing it. He moved it around for quite a few minutes but was unsuccessful at hearing anything other than my own pulse. At least we know my heart is still beating.

We decided to schedule an ultrasound today. I had one at 5 weeks and pretty much the only thing we saw was the gestational sac. It was really early in the pregnancy. Dr Safely said that it was up to me and if I didn't want to do another u/s yet we could just try to hear the heartbeat again in a couple of weeks and if we didn't hear it by then he'd know we might have some issues. The idea of waiting that long just didn't appeal to me, so I am going back in a couple of hours to the hospital for the ultrasound. I'd just rather have those pics and see the little one squirming around to know that everything is fine. I can't wait to have some photos to see. I think it will all be more real at that point.

It's raining like crazy here today and it's not supposed to stop for a while. That will make my drive to Clifton for the scrapbook retreat so much more fun. I was hoping that the bluebonnets would be out and flourishing once I get to the ranch, but with all this rain even if they are I might not get to go outside and enjoy them any. I have far too many photos to be scrapping anyway. This weekend is all about Senior scrapbooks. Each year a group of ladies at our congregation do a scrapbook for each of the graduating Seniors with photos from youth activities over the years. With the more active kids you can imagine this is a pretty big undertaking. Every year we say that "next year we're going to start earlier!" and every year we wait until the last few weeks to get it in gear. Right now the only photos I'm taking with me to this retreat are for those books. If I finish every possible lay-out I have right now, I will be completing about 50 this weekend. We'll see how productive I can be.

I should probably pack my clothes. The scrapbook stuff is ready to go and I'm waiting for a break in the rain to load the car...but I think I need clothes and toiletries too, yes?

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