Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

No matter how much fun you have at a scrapbook retreat, it's always nice to be home and in your comfort zone. There's nothing better than sleeping in your own bed and relaxing on your own couch.

I had quite a productive weekend. I was able to complete 53 pages for the Senior scrapbooks. That wasn't everything that I took with me, but it was a significant chunk and I think I did well in getting a lot accomplished. I even still found time to take a walk on Saturday afternoon and watch the cows for a little bit when they came up by the house.

It was a small group this time around. There were nine of us total and two had to leave on Saturday night. It's nice when it's a smaller group, although I think we had 14 one time and it was quite fun (and interesting) to have such a large group. It made things a lot less roomy though. In all I'd say we had a wonderful time as usual. I hope the fall retreat is early enough in the fall that I can actually attend. I'm going to be pretty pregnant by then!


{S} said...

53 freaking pages?! that's incredible!

Laurie said...

WOW you got so much done!! Lori and I are going to try so hard to come out in the fall! I hope it works for us all to be there!