Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pedicure needed, STAT

My feet hurt!

We spent three and a half hours this morning/afternoon zapping stuff at Babies 'r Us. It was exhausting but I think we covered all of our bases. We registered for 236 items there! When we signed up Krystal, the gift registry attendant, told us 150 was okay but ultimately we would want to hit 200. We didn't disappoint her, for sure. By the time we left we were starving so we headed over to Chan's for some Mongolian stir fry before hitting Target to start all over again. The second registry trip only took one hour, thankfully. Since we were kind of registering for a lot of the same things at Target and since Target's baby selection is not nearly as vast as BRU, it was pretty easy to zap what we needed to and move on.

Both registries are available online now, so feel free to browse. At Babies 'r Us, our registry number is 98372354 and at Target it is 014399700427658, but both are searchable by name.

Now that my feet are aching and exhausted, I'm going to go get a much needed pedicure...partially for the paint job on my toes but mostly for the warm water and massage.

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Theodore M. Bear said...

Holy cannelloni! That is quite a long day for a mommy to be! I hope that you get the pampering that you so deserve Brandi! (((HUGS)))