Monday, August 31, 2009

Trying to get it together

I've been organizing and trying to get the nursery in a more user-friendly state than it has been in. I actually cleared a space in the corner where the glider will sit so now we can assemble that puppy instead of using the box it's sitting in as a make-shift table in the office. I don't know how it happened. Honest.

Last week I finished organizing the baby clothes. That was step one in cleaning out a space for the aforementioned glider. There are no longer piles of clothes everywhere, which is a relief. I have labeled the tubs and now just have to figure out where we're going to store them until we use them. There is one tub of 6-9 months, one tub of 12 months, two tubs of 18-24 months divided by winter and summer clothes, one tub of 24 months and one tub of 2T and up. I think they should probably go somewhere other than the guest room, but I really am not in a position to climb in the attic at this point.I purchased this adorable little table at Joanns on Monday. It's technically an outdoor table, but it's going to sit in the nursery next to the glider and serve as a place for me to set my cell phone, beverage, or whatever while I'm nursing or rocking the baby there. It was on clearance for $10. Yay!
I stuffed all the inserts into the Fuzzibunz diapers I bought off a lady on Craiglist finally. I'm not going to confess to the actual number of months those have been sitting in the box she shipped them to me in. It's embarrassing. But now they are stuffed and stacked and ready to go. Above those is the stack of pre-folds a friend loaned me, so I need to invest in a few Thirsties covers to use with those. That is a small stack of newborn disposable diapers to the right. Someone had some left over that they didn't use, and my mother also purchased two brand new packages of newborn diapers pretty much the day after we told her we were pregnant because she couldn't wait to buy something for the baby. We will use those for the first week or two after she comes home before we start using the cloth diapers. One adjustment at a time.
Look at these Dr. Seuss onesies I found at Ross last week!! They were $3.99 each. I have seen them online for $16 and then Saturday I discovered that Dillards has a bunch of the Dr. Seuss onesies for $10 each. I paid $4. These were the only four designs I could find but still, I am pretty excited! I purchased two in a 6 month size and the other two in 9 month size.


Kell said...

ahh.. doesn't organizing & getting everything in line just feel so good? it's amazing what a little bit of structure in a room can do!


Sherri said...

cute onesies, great prices!! cute table, perfect colors for your theme. it all looks so nice and organized.

Molly said...

Oh Brandi, this is all so exciting! And hey, I want one of those tables too! :-) I'm just so incredibly happy for you and Nick!