Monday, September 21, 2009


I haven't posted a pregnancy update lately so here we go.

I went to the doctor this morning for my check-up. Next one is in two weeks, and you know what that means, right? It means we're getting close to the end here folks. Two weeks, another two weeks, and then we start with the weekly appointments until D-Day. I'm officially 33 weeks now, so the time is closing in quickly.

Her heartbeat was steady at 153 today, and my blood pressure looked great. Other than making me pee in a cup and measure my belly, that's pretty much the extent of my doctor's visits for right now. I understand the next ones start to get a little more, well, I guess I should be thankful that this one didn't cause me to have to remove any clothing. Fun times ahead.

My body is definitely starting to complain about the child who keeps poking and kicking it from the inside. My back has started aching a bit and my legs and feet definitely get tired easier now. No one prepared me for how tender my belly button would get either! She really likes to dig in behind it which really hurts. I can happily report that my ankles have stopped swelling quite so large, which makes me happy. I haven't had cankles in a while. Sleeping is increasingly difficult and uncomfortable, and it's almost to the point where it's easier to get out of the bed and approach it from a different direction rather than simply turn over. She's taking up a lot of room now.

I still feel really good overall though, despite the minor aches and pains. As long as I take it easy when stuff starts hurting, I am okay. I hate to complain about feeling worn out and such because this whole life-making business is such an honor and some people never get the opportunity. I am only human though, so I can't say that I do not and will not complain on occasion. I still realize that I've had it a lot easier than others so despite it all I am blessed.

The baby shower at church is just six days away now, and I am really excited! The hostesses are doing a Dr. Seuss themed shower and I can't wait to see what they've come up with. It should be really cute and lots of fun. The invitations that Kristeen made are adorable, so I know the rest will be! We're also having a shower at work on October 9th, and I've already told the girls I want a Halloween shower! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I think it would just be sad to have a baby shower in the month of October without a single pumpkin or ghost.

My current plans are to work until October 30th. My due date is 11/09/09, so that will give me a nice stretch of time before D-Day to make sure everything is settled, rest, and just hang out. We will see if Little Miss cooperates with Mommy's plan or not. Who knows, I could be in labor on October 30, although that would really interfere with my pumpkin carving. I could also still be pregnant November 15th. You just never know how it's going to go, but I'm willing to go with whatever happens. Remind me that I said that when I'm still pregnant on November 15th, okay?


Sherri said...

what fun baby showers you have planned!! Didn't get to visit at the game but glad you had a good time. I noticed you were not sitting there most of the times I walked by but figured you went in out of the heat. Don't blame you! it was really hot in the sun. I even went up and sat under the shade for a while myself. would have been better if they had won. but oh well.

Stamps meet INK! etc. said...

oh Brandi ;) you are so stinkin' cute!!! God bless you! :D {hugs}

Jenn said...

How awesome would it be if you had a Halloween baby?!! I'm just sayin'.

{S} said...

Dylanies birthday is November 15th, this post brings back so many memories!