Friday, October 30, 2009

Ding Dong

Today is my last day of work. I will officially be unemployed in about 7 hours. I knew the guys in the office were grilling burgers and such for my last day today. They ditched the regular baby shower because it wasn't manly enough...a cook-out however is perfectly acceptable. Matt even made me a pumpkin cheesecake, which makes me soooo happy I am drooling already.

I was expecting all that. What I wasn't expecting was this:
They really went all out. I had to remove several strips of toilet paper just to sit in my chair, which also contained a huge pink bag with a baby gift lurking inside. I haven't opened it yet.
I'm so thankful to have been able to work with these guys. Most women might have been uncomfortable being thrown into an office environment with 5 men, specifically an environment consisting of truck driver coming and going. I think the guys were a little hesistant about me coming to their office too. They weren't sure how I would fit in, whether I would be easily offended by their cowboy/roughneck/laid back demeanors. They just didn't know me. I fit in like a duck in a pond. We've all had so many laughs, so many inside jokes, so many good times together. Despite the sometimes stressful environment when stuff just doesn't make sense or seem to be grounded in any kind of logic whatsoever, we've managed to maintain a really positive working environment and have fun.
I'm going to miss these guys. I won't say I'll miss working, because I'm so thankful and so blessed to be able to stay home with our baby that I can't express my gratitude to my husband enough, but I am going to miss my co-workers. The great thing about working for this company is that Nick still does, so it's not like I'm never going to be back to say hi. There will be plenty of times when the baby and I will come to take Daddy to lunch and of course I'll stop by to see my boys, but it won't be the same as the day-to-day stuff that we have gone through together. They will leave a hole in my life just as I will leave one in theirs.
See ya guys...I'll be back, but until then you'll just have to blog stalk me. Love ya!


Jenn said...

I had no idea you sat so close to a deer head every day! Somehow I feel closer to you now. Those guys must really love you to go to all that trouble. Glad you had a fun last day!

Sherri said...

that's really cool that they decorated up your office. I wish I had a working environment like that. I was gone for a week vacation and when I got back no one even said "how was your trip"
Glad you are able to be a stay at home mommy. I just hope it doesn't drive you up the wall. Make sure and take some away from baby time to keep your sanity.

Laurie said...

what an awesome send off!!