Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's official - she's ours and she's home. No nurses, no nursery, no one to come check on us. We're all alone. Not really, but you know, at times it feels that way.

I'm not going to lie to you...the first night was hard. Neither of us was prepared for an all nighter. Kate doesn't like sleeping in her crib, which doesn't surprise me since she's been used to such close quarters for so long, but we kind of thought she's cry it out for a while and be done. Instead we got complete and utter panic on her part, arms flailing, kicking, and screaming until she was picked up. I ended up sleeping with her on my chest in the recliner. Not the best idea I am sure, but it allowed me to get 2 solid hours of sleep and after waking Nick up at 3 am in full-on breakdown mode that was 2 hours I really needed.

Night number 2 just concluded and it was somewhat better, although not great. The crib was still a failure and I caved earlier than 3 am this time and she slept with me again. It was easier that way, although she did have a bit of a tantrum this morning. All she wants to do when she's frustrated or upset is nurse, which means 6 or 8 minutes here and there until she's content to fall asleep. That's just not going to cut it for me and I'm struggling to get her on a feeding schedule that eliminates all this nursing just to soothe. Mama is not a snack bar.

On one hand I'm really glad that I'm able to nurse ok. I was a little worried that I would not be able to produce enough for her. I think the nurses at the hospital had me all freaked out because they kept suggesting that I supplement until my milk came in, and I didn't want to do that. I let them talk me into it twice and both times Kate spit up every bit of the formula I had given her, so finally I put my foot down and said no. Finally we have milk so that's no longer an issue.

After her tantrum this morning, I fed Kate one last time and she fell asleep, so I dared to lay her in a bouncer to see if she'd sleep there without fussing. So far, she's been konked out for nearly an hour and a half in that seat without a care in the world. Had I expected it to work so well, I could have put it in the bedroom floor and climbed back in bed myself. Lesson learned - try new things close to my bed instead of the in office from now on. I'm afraid to try to move the seat now with her in it because it will be my luck that she'll wake up.

Ah, life with a newborn...


Angy said...

Oh yeah, been there done that. I took many a good nap with Caleb on my chest while in the recliner. Caleb was not a good sleeper unless James or I were holding him in the recliner. Some said I was spoiling him but my answer was that I needed the sleep too. Didn't bother me to snuggle with my little guy - and sleep in the recliner is better than no sleep at all. It will be hard but oh so worth it. Enjoy MAMA!

More like....etc. said...

oh sweet Brandi :)

Hugs!!! it's all good, I know you hate hearing "it all" so I'm just saying Love Love Love! while I'm secretly snickering to myself!! {grin} ;) oh look inappropriate quotes LOL

I do have to ask does she like being swaddled? it recreates the 'in the womb' feeling and some kids love it others not so much... might help

Jenn said...

It'll get better day by day. And then sometimes it'll get worse, but mostly better. You can do it Mama! Resisting the urge to type advice. ;)

Laurie said...

((hugs)) enjoy every minute!!

{S} said...

Jordan slept in a carrier seat for the first few month of his life. It worked wonders for us. Elly liked to be wrapped up tight in a blanket. Have fun and beware of getting a kink in your neck from staring at her. :~)