Sunday, December 6, 2009

One month

Kate was 1 month old yesterday. She doesn't weigh that much more than the day she was born (she lost a pound after the first week) but she seems bigger. She's actually feeling wuite heavy at times now and I'm happy that she's getting used to being in her swing and bouncy chairs now. Prior to this week she was pretty much adamant that someone hold her at all times or listen to her scream. She's a bit stubborn. But last night she actually allowed me to let her swing and she fell asleep there, which was a first. Of course as I type this she is now starting to fuss in her swing, and she's been quiet up until I praised her for being a big girl.

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Angy said...

Love that black and white photo! Beautiful! Keep going sweet mama, things will get easier and she will settle. Love getting to read your updates and wish I were closer so I could see the growth IRL. Ah, maybe someday!