Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anniversary fun

Nick took charge of this year's anniversary even though it was technically my year to plan our festivities. We try to take turns each year, but since I have the baby he gave me a pass this time. As usual, he purchased some gerbera daisies for me, since they are my favorite flower. He gave me five, one for each year of marriage, and this year they were pink. Last year's four were orange.

He enlisted the help of his grandmother and baked me a chocolate cake. He did the cake; Nana did the icing. I thought it was very sweet and the cake was yummy. He borrowed this recipe from a co-worker; it has sauerkraut in it! You couldn't tell though.

He also spent several hours at the computer working on a gift for me. I was pretty curious as to what it would be, since it took him so long to create.

He made me a calendar that goes from March 2010-2011.Every month is unique and full of fun family photos.He added friend's and family's birthdays, complete with a photo of the individual.
I will just reuse it each year and ignore the days of the week, because this is too precious to throw away.On Saturday night, we left Kate with some friends so we could go out to eat at Olive Garden. I was adventurous and tried the new Four Cheese Stuffed Pansotti with Chicken, which is pansotti with sautéed chicken and roma tomatoes in a portobello mushroom alfredo sauce. It was oh-so-good. It was nice to get out of the house alone, with no baby to fuss with. When we sat down to eat, I promised Nick I would not talk about the baby, and he promised not to talk about work. We sat for a moment before looking at each other and said, "So, what do we talk about?"

We managed just fine.

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