Monday, April 26, 2010

Tick tock says the clock

It's time for Bible class.

There are so many things I love about our congregation, but my favorite thing right now is the infants Bible class. I love that even Kate has someone teaching her about God, and I love the way ours are conducted.

The whole class for Kate's age group is based on the things God created in His world. They follow a little boy as he explores the farm. Each item they see, from the trees to the clouds to the animals, has a song that they sing about that item and there is a visual that is used. Each baby has a box with his or her own set of visuals, and the class helper hands them to the babies as the teachers sings the songs and switches them out as they move on through the items. Each week the class is pretty much exactly the same. The visuals do not change, the songs stay the same, and everything is done in the same order. It's neat to watch the progression of the children because over time they know what is coming next. They learn the songs and key words and will eventually participate in class.

All Kate does right now is chew on her visuals and listen to the songs. She loves singing. Her Daddy sings to her a lot, although he usually sings monster ballads to her...but that's probably a different blog post. She seems to really enjoy Bible class. I wish I could sit in the background and just watch her interact, but I know that would be a huge distraction for her so Mommy has to stay away. I did manage to take a couple of photos on Sunday night for prosperity.


Jenn said...

I love those lessons too! And Lavonne is the ultimate cradle roll teacher. So jealous! Glad Kate is enjoying it. She's getting so big, it's crazy!

More like....etc. said...

great stuff! ;)

Shannon said...

That sounds wonderful Brandi! Your church sounds fantastic and really on the ball.