Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Her Favorite Toy

Kate is obsessed with our cell phones. They are the perfect size for her little hands, they have buttons, and they light up. What's not to like? A few weeks ago Nick broke the power button off the corner of his cell phone and there was no way to turn it back on. He even tried sticking various items down into the hole hoping to turn it on with no luck. Thankfully I had already ordered him a new cell phone because it was upgrade time and he just hadn't switched over yet. So when Nick made the switch, Kate got her own cell phone. We removed the battery and made sure there were no little parts that would come out of the hole left by the power button.

It has become her favorite toy. Regardless of what else you put in front of her to play with, she finds the cell phone and plays with it first. Sometimes it looks like she's trying to push the buttons to make it work, and other times she just chews on it. Either way, it keeps her occupied and happy.

1 comment:

Sherri said...

they learn young don't they! lol
no, that is Stephanie's bear that she has had since a little baby. mine looks just as bad though! mines 27 years old though.