Sunday, June 20, 2010

Da da da da da da da

Perhaps it's fitting that this week, the week before Father's Day, Kate began saying "da da da da da da." While we don't think she's calling Nick "da da" on purpose yet, she sometimes seems to direct her "da da" towards him.Yesterday morning, for example, we were being lazy and all sleeping in. I got up first, and while I was in the bathroom Kate rolled over to Nick and said "Da da!" a couple of times to wake him up. Then she proceeded to say it a bunch of times over and over. So perhaps she is speaking to him, or perhaps he's just lucky that her recent ramblings sound like Daddy.
I know in his mind, she's saying "daddy" and her first words prove that she loves her Daddy more. I'll let him believe that for now. I think we definitely have a little Daddy's Girl on our hands.

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awww... sweetness :) {hugs}