Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running Hazards

Last night I completed week 2 day 1 of the C25K program. I'm actually sort of enjoying my evening walk/jogs. Last week I bought actual running shoes; my first real pair. Normally I buy tennis shoes based on their cute factor, not their performance. It's going fairly well, until last night.

I was bit by a dog.

It was during one of the two minute walks, and I was passing by the house that always has a couple of guys in the garage working on cars. The garage was open and the light was on, but I didn't see the guy that's usually there. All I saw was his massive german shepherd. I watched as it trotted straight to me and bit me on my side. I wasn't scared as the dog made a beeline towards me; he wasn't running fast and didn't bark or growl. I figured he was just coming to check me out. I'm generally not afraid of dogs. I was definitely not expecting to get bit.

I screamed, and the owner immediately called "Nitro" off and asked if he bit me. I said yeah, but I didn't think it had broken the skin because I didn't feel any blood. Needless to sat I didn't stop because the dog was still standing there and I didn't want to get bitten again.

When I got home I assessed the wound and discovered he had in fact broken the skin a little but not deep. I cleaned and doctored it, and at the advice of several people of Facebook I called the police to report the incident. An officer came by and took my report and drove me over so I could show him at which house Nitro lives. He told me there would be a 10 day mandatory quarantine for the dog and they are getting the shot records for me.

I hope Nick doesn't have to have me put down.

Speaking of Nick, when I told him about the 10 day mandatory quarantine, he asked, "For you?"


Natalie said...

ah brandi! i'm so sorry! this is my worst fear when running! and lately im getting chased by a yappy chihuahua, but of course nothing like a german shepard. my father in-law takes chili powder or pepper spray with him on runs and bikes. if the dogs get a wif, they will run off. not sure if that helps?? and i would have called the cops too! get better!

More like....etc. said...

:( I'm so sorry this happened to you! {hugs}

{S} said...

Ouch!! dang that looks painful. You seem really cool about it. I'd be freaked lol! I hope the dog is clean and you don't have to got through anything else related to this incident. (((hugs)))

Laurie said...

I'm so sorry this happened ((hugs)) I was so freaked out when two dogs jumped on me. I hope you're feeling better