Sunday, June 13, 2010

Splish Splash!

Kate had her first adventure in swimming on Friday. We have a play date group at church, and this summer we've decided to make Fridays swim days. There happen to be enough members at church with pools that we can rotate around all summer.

It was an ordeal getting her ready for the water. There was the cover-every-inch-of-her-skin layer of sunscreen. ..the swim diaper...the swim suit...the swim hat...blow up the swim floatie thing. All this before we'd even stepped into the water.

Upon entering the pool she began to cry, but I can't really blame her for that because the water was a bit chilly and quite shocking when you first stepped in. She slowly got used to it, as did Mommy. The first attempt I made at getting her into her floatie was a fail - she cried as if being tortured. So I walked her around, twirled her in circles in the pool, and let her get acclimated more to the water. She seemed okay. We made a second attempt at the floatie and for a little bit she was just fine. She kind of laid forward and rested her head on the side. It didn't last a long time though before she decided she'd rather have Mommy hold her. Swim time did interfere a little bit with her morning nap so she got cranky again and started to fall asleep in my arms in the pool so we got out and watched the other kids swim while she napped.

I figure the best way to get her used to the water is to keep going in, so that's my plan. Eventually she'll be crying because it's time to get out, right?

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Shannon said...

To answer your last question....Yes! :)