Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sick kiddo

For the past 3 days Kate has been sick. She started off two nights ago fussing and running a little bit of fever. In fact, Monday night neither Nick or myself got more than 3.5 hours of sleep because Kate was crying and wanted us both to be up with her. Her little nose started running a bit too, so I'm thinking that she's finally getting some teeth, right? Tuesday she ran fever again and was listless. She laid in my lap in between short periods of play. She didn't eat near as much as she normally does. She struggled to breastfeed because of her stuffy nose. She thankfully slept better Tuesday night than the previous night, and I only had to sit up with her for about an hour and a half during the night. Yesterday was more of the same, although the fever wasn't as high and she played and ate a little more than the day before. Last night she slept like a champ - once we went to bed she never moved.

This morning she woke me up at 8:30, and crawled into my lap. I rocked her a little bit in the bed because I just wasn't ready to get up, and the little stinker fell back to sleep. She's currently still asleep, two hours and 10 minutes later, after waking me up. I don't think I would have minded getting a little bit more sleep, kiddo.

The good news is she didn't feel feverish this morning when she woke up, so I'm hoping she will eat a little better today and be on the mend. It's no fun when your baby is sick, for sure. You feel so helpless and don't really know where it hurts to fix it, since she can't really tell me. I'm just happy it wasn't any worse and required a trip to the doctor.

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Laurie said...

I sure hope she's feeling a lot better by today. It sure is hard when they're sick.