Thursday, July 1, 2010


Nick's finger is still looking pretty nasty. It may be a while before it looks anything like normal. The nail will definitely fall off at some point. Right now it's still bleeding whenever he cleans it and changes out his bandages. It's also very swollen and a little bruised on the back and sides. I just know you love seeing photos of the destruction. He's wearing his splint every day and so far it hasn't affected his work. I'm sure he's typing a little bit slower. He was even able to bowl on Tuesday night - he bowled lefty! It was a bit of an adjustment, but he managed okay and finished the night with a 119, 117 and 87.

Yesterday Kate and I ran some errands and drove around a little bit looking at some neighborhoods. I'm still completely obsessed with buying a new house, so I find myself spending too much time on and Zillow looking around at what's out there. I need the motivation, you know, to get busy on prepping our current house. Anyway, yesterday while we were driving around, I think I might have found our future neighborhood. It's in one of the areas I was contemplating and in driving around, it seemed very nice, clean, and quiet. It got me all excited to find a potential area to move to, so I came home with this new energy and drive to get started on our house now.

This weekend, in celebration of the 4th, we are painting the master bathroom. It's one of the rooms I want to paint to spruce up the place, partly to make it more interesting and partly because I spilled nail polish on the wall last year and it will not come off. I'll take before and after pictures.

I have several projects in mind for this joint. I want to paint the brick on the fireplace in the living room. I like the brick okay, but it's dull and dark brown and in need of some new life. I think painting it the same ivory color as the opposite wall (the other walls are blue) will really give the room a lift and make it look larger. We also have to replace some trim in the hallway and living room because Nick's cat has ruined it, which also means we need to de-claw the cat. I hate to do that because I think it's cruel, however if we move I can't have her tearing up the walls in a new house. It's ridiculous. Surprisingly, she doesn't scratch the furniture at all. Stupid feline. Speaking of the hallway, it currently has wallpaper and I just really dislike wallpaper, so I think I might take that down and paint. It's coming off in one corner anyway, so it needs to come down.

Those are a few things I have in mind, and I'm quite sure there will be more. In the midst of it all I am definitely going to be purging. We have SO. MUCH. JUNK. in our house. It's shocking. Some of this mess we've not touched in over a WHY do we still need it?? If it doesn't fit, doesn't work, or hasn't been used in a while, it's going to Goodwill.

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