Monday, August 16, 2010

Exploring the falls

Today was our first full day in Montana. We took the opportunity to explore and learn a little about the history of the area. We spent a couple of hours at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. Their expedition came through this area on their way to the Pacific Ocean. The Center is really well done and we enjoyed it. Then we headed down the road to the Giant Springs State Park. Giant Springs is one of the most abundant natural springs in the world, with at least 156-190 million gallons of water a day pouring into the Missouri River. It is gorgeous!! The water in the spring is crystal clear, and all I kept thinking was how badly I just wanted to jump in it and float around. That would be quite uncomfortable given that the water is a cool 54 degrees year round. I definitely could have sat and watched the water bubble up from the ground below all day long.We then took a scenic drive and stopped to look at three of the other waterfalls in this area. There are five total that can be found in this section of the Missouri. I got lots of pretty photos. After that we headed back to Joe and Robbie's house for some food and Wii. I beat Nick at a game of bowling. He didn't like that much.

Kate was a champ again today, and she did pretty well despite our running around most of the day. She took a nap at the Interpretive Center in Grandpa's arms, so she was pretty good to go after that.

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