Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Zoo Trip

I took Kate on her first trip to the Fort Worth Zoo on Thursday. I wanted to go shoot pictures of the animals with a friend so we waited until the weather was a tad bit more bearable and school was back in session so there wouldn't be kids in our way. Kate seemed to really enjoy herself!
She couldn't see all the animals, but she really loved the penguins. The tank was at a perfect level for her to view from the stroller and she giggled and squealed whenever one of them would swim right in front of her.Mandy and I shot lots of pictures. It was great practice for learning how to use various settings. I'm always trying to work on my photography skills.The elephants are my favorite animal, so we spent lots of time watching them play with their toys. One of them had a huge stick he was carrying around, and another kept kicking a ball around. I always wanted a baby elephant. Ok, I still want a baby elephant.We went through Mola, the Museum of Living Art, that has just recently opened. It was really nicely done and very large. I even got to touch a snake while I was there, but Mandy didn't want to. I would have let Kate touch it, but I didn't want to take her out of her stroller and then have to put her back in it for fear that she'd expect to be kept out of it the rest of the day. So I missed out on an interesting photo opp for her.By the time we were ready to leave Kate was sound asleep, so I'd say I would say it was a successful trip. We wore her out for sure.


More like....etc. said...

you love elephants SO much that you didn't even post a pic of one? ~nice :P lol

Jamie said...

Such a sweet photo of Kate!