Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Malmstrom Air Force Base

We had a little fun at the museum at the Malmstrom Air Force Base this afternoon. We walked through the tiny museum and looked at an impressive collection of model aircraft. We saw a couple of missiles and some computer set-ups that would have been used to launch missiles. There was a memory unit that was a little bit bigger than my refrigerator that was once used with a computer and held, get this - 4k of memory. That means that you would need 262,144 of those large units to hold as much memory as the tiny little card that I carry in my camera. Wow! The most fun was the air craft outside.

Kate became a giant.Sydney, Nick's stepsister, held up a large plane.Nick asked for sass and we gave it to him.Nick cradled a jet.We had a good day.

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