Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Unplanned Outing

We spent three hours in the emergency room in Great Falls on Saturday. It was, as pretty much every trip to the ER, an unplanned stop. In fact I was hoping to not even have to see the hospital in Great Falls, let alone get a first-hand tour. Three hours and three x-rays later, and Kate has her arm in a sling.
Kate fell off our bed in the hotel room on Friday night. I had turned my back for just a second so I didn't see how she landed, but when I turned around she was on her back. Of course she was crying, so I picked her up and she wasn't moving her right arm. I immediately called Nick to come because I thought she was hurt. By the time he got to the hotel with his father, she had calmed back down and didn't seem to be in pain. I felt her arm really well, and even moved it around in circles. Everything seemed fine so we went to bed.

Saturday morning I was watching Kate while I got ready and noticed that she wasn't holding her arm any higher than heart level, nor was she able to put any weight on it and crawl. I told Nick we had to get it looked at, so off to the ER we went.

She has a small fracture on her humerus, up near the shoulder. The doctor said it wasn't too bad and should heal just fine. They gave her a sling to wear mostly to keep her from using the arm and aggravating the injury. She's been a champ about the sling and pretty much ignores it. She doesn't seem to be in any pain either. Her arm is swollen, and they told us at the ER to ice it; however Kate won't allow that past about a minute.

I feel bad for her because she can't crawl, although she has started this sort of hybrid one-armed crawl that is really sad. She has a hard time pulling herself up on the furniture now with only one arm. We have a follow up visit with her doctor here on Thursday, so we'll see how long she has to wear the sling. Poor kid. It's her first (and hopefully only!) broken bone.


Natalie said...

awww sweet kate! she is a trooper! hope she gets the sling off soon!

More like....etc. said...

aww, poor little Kate, and poor you Brandi!! sheesh! hope she mends quick! ;)