Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy birthday Logan

My nephew turns 1 today. ONE!! We went to Tyler this past weekend to celebrate at his Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. I can't believe he's one. What's more, is I can't believe that if Logan is one then my baby girl is only 5 weeks behind before she turns one! Oh dear.

Logan was really not interested in eating his cake. Apparently he doesn't really like chocolate because he made an awful face when his mother fed him some to get him to dig into the cake. The whole point was for him to make a mess eating it, and he just wasn't having it.But after a few minutes we realized that he was very interested in playing with the fork so he got to make his mess without really eating very much of his cake at all.After partying the kids all played. We took my little brother along so Uncle Trey got some play time with all his nieces and nephew too. This was the first time they've all been together like that.Look at my baby girl, playing like she's a big kid! She's playing. Outside. In a playhouse. she's not supposed to be old enough to do that yet. We need a playhouse at home, now. Isn't she so cute standing in that doorway???

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