Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anchor Picnic

Every year in the fall Anchor holds a family picnic in the park. There are bounce houses, a softball game, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, and door prizes. The most important part of the Anchor picnic is the chili cook-off. Two years ago I took home second place with my first ever batch of homemade chili, which awarded me a gift card. Last year, with my second ever batch of homemade chili, I took third place and brought home a dozen cans of Hormel chili which I promptly gave to my mom. This year, I was determined to take the top spot, so I tweaked the recipe I had been using the past couple of tries. I actually tweaked it a lot and sort of came up with a hybrid of a few different recipes I found. I was going for it with my third batch of chili ever. I was informed by one of the judges that the entire judging panel unanimously chose my chili as FIRST PLACE! Woooo-hoooo! Last year's first place winner took home second prize and he was not too happy that I knocked him down. Just wait until next year, big guy.

Kate had fun too. While technically not her first Anchor picnic, this is the first one she experienced on the outside.She made friends with Alyssa, one of the little girls who belongs to one of the office ladies.I am not looking forward to the year that she wants to go in the bounce house. There were probably 20+ kids in there.It will be a couple of years, at least, kiddo.

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Angy said...

sweet! I would love to hear your tweaks on your chili recipe. Though since it is an award winner you may not want to share. ;>) you can send me the recipe privately though - lol. I love chili and I have a pretty good recipe too that I have been tweaking through the years.