Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Birthday Present

Kate received her very first birthday present in the mail today! Imagine my surprise when I pulled out an envelope from the Czech Replublic addressed to Kate. Our dear friends, Jamie, Ashley and Luke, sent her a gift! She was very excited to hold the envelope when I gave it to her, although she was unsure what she was supposed to do with it.So I cut open the top and let her pull out the surprise: a cool Czech hat!!How cute is she??Thank you so, so much Jamie, Ashley and Luke!! I'm very excited that Kate's first birthday gift came from you guys, and it was super thoughtful of you! Not every little girl receives international gifts.


Ashley said...

Glad she (and you) like it! :-)

Jamie said...

How fun that you took photos for us to see! Kate is so, SO cute — with and without the hat. We had a fun little shopping trip a couple of weeks ago for our new nephew's birth and a couple of birthdays. I'm so thrilled I have friends with sweet little girls, because they have adorable things here. I wish I could have bought half the store! I'm happy we were Kate's first first-birthday present, and thank you for sharing these photos. And just so you know, it was Ashley who decided that hat was *the* one for Kate. We love you all!

More like....etc. said...

oooh!!! that is a beautiful hat!

and super cute on miss Kate! :D