Friday, October 29, 2010

It's pumpkin time!

Hello Halloween, you are just around the corner.

It's time again for the Korte/Hawkins/Tressler families to pull out the plastic carving knives and go to town on pumpkins. We started carving yesterday, and at some point during the day my sister-in-law went to a pumpkin patch and added 8 more pumpkins to the over 35 we had in the garage already. I did five yesterday. Today Nick took the day off work just so we could all carve pumpkins together as a family. Here are my pumpkins so far for 2010:

Now don't think I'm jumping on the Rangers bandwagon just because they are in the World Series. I'm not. I'm happy for them, but ultimately I'm just not much of a baseball fan. However, after giving them a hard time on Facebook, I told Sherri and Darcy that I would carve a Rangers pumpkin just for them, so I did. It has shading as well as carved out areas. i'm pretty happy with it.Woody and Buzz, from Toy Story:In honor of the 7th film coming out next month, I decided to revisit the Harry Potter theme. I last carved Harry Potter pumpkins in 2006, but these patterns are all new since that time. Here's Harry:Severus Snape and Mad-eye Moodyand Dobby, with Harry's name. I just love the way Dobby says "Harry Potter".


Sherri said...

awesome, as always. love the rangers one and the woody one!

Nidhi said...

Beautiful Pumpkins. If you don't mind, could you share the harry potter stencil with me or help me with the directions / source? Thanks

HG said...

These are great! My little guy is going as Woody this year. Any chance you would share the patter for the Woody & Buzz pumpkin?