Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving at Grandma Peggy's

Nick's grandma Peggy always does Thanksgiving on the Sunday before the actual holiday so that everyone can come celebrate together and not have to pick which side of the family they are going to go see. Today we had 32 people all chowing down on dressing and pie, but it didn't feel too crowded.Since Kate was just a tiny baby last year at Thanksgiving, she and I didn't make it over to Grandma Peggy's. Nick went without us and ate 7 pieces of pie while he was there. SEVEN. So this year, for the past week or so, all he has been talking about was pie; specifically the cherry pie.This year he stopped at three pieces, however we did manage to come home with an entire cherry pie made just for him.The food was good and everyone had an enjoyable afternoon. It helped that the Cowboys won, so everyone was in good spirits from the game.

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