Tuesday, December 28, 2010

600th blog: Frisbee!!

Just for kicks I thought you might want to know that this is my 600th blog post. It's going to be about frisbee.Nick and my brother have started a tradition that every time we are all together for whatever reason, be it a birthday, holiday, or just hanging out, during some part of the day they play a game of frisbee. This started at my Dad's one trip just because they were bored, and it's been going on ever since.It's a fairly athletic event, since neither one of them is good enough that every throw goes straight to the other. But Nick has some great form. He's consistent too...I have about a half dozen photos of him that look exactly like this.They jump around, they run into neighbor's yards, they even end up on the ground sometimes.I'm always there, trying to capture funny shots while they attempt to look like athletes. On this particular occasion, Nick even tried to include me in the action when he threw this last toss:I went into the house after this one. Don't worry - I screamed and ducked just in time to not get pinged in the head. If he had hit my camera, he would have been in big, big trouble.

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