Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day at my Mom's house. I made the turkey, my second ever, and I must confess that it was pretty much the best turkey ever. Thank you, Kidd Kraddick, for your brown paper bag recipe. It rocks. I've never had turkey so moist before.

The highlight of the evening was not the turkey though, and it wasn't even the pie or cake or oreo balls or fudge. It was the presents of course.Mom and Trey played elf and passed out the gifts. Trey was super excited to receive yet another Star Wars video game, only this time we got him some Wii controller light sabers too. Major score. I do believe he admitted that his big sister was cool.Mom was super excited to receive some red candle holders that she had a fit for when we were shopping one day. That particular day, when she stepped out of sight, I went back over to take a photo of the holders to text Nick so he could come back to the store to pick them up for her. They were on sale at the time.Kate got her first kitchen! She was actually a little afraid of the box, I think because it was so big, and since it's not all put together (Thanks Mom) she doesn't really have a clue what it is. But she helped unwrap it, sort of.She was more interested in playing with her Uncle Trey anyway, who this year got to play budding videographer too.

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